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Choosing the Right Social Media Platform


Each of the social media platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram offers its own set of unique benefits. Yet many businesses find it difficult to drive results even though they engage their audience across these platforms.

It is important to be strategic about how and where you allocate your time and resources. You have to do your homework to find the best social media platform that complements your business requirements. Here are a few steps that you can follow, to pick the right network:

Identify your target audience

Each business has a different set of target audience and so, it is important to find out who your target audience is. Also, identify the platforms they spend their maximum time on. Once you do, get on to that platform and see how they are interacting with it. Find out what they are looking for and whom they are interacting with. Do a bit of research on the types of strategies your competitors are adopting to engage with their audience.

Determine your social media objectives

What social media platform you choose depends solely on what you want to do through social media. Do you want to expand your reach or are you trying to create awareness about your brand? Would you like to engage with your existing customers or acquire new ones? Are you looking at building customer loyalty or improving customer service? Do a thorough market research and identify the gaps in your marketing strategies. Accordingly come up with a social media strategy that aligns well with your business goals.

Find out the resources and skills required

Once you have decided on a social media network and marketing plan, your next step would be to identify the kind of skills and resources you would need, in order to execute that plan successfully. Determine your strengths and weaknesses and work on the best way to gather these resources and skills. Explore the various tools that can help you create and optimize content for each social media platform.

Stop wasting your time and efforts engaging on multiple social media networks that do little to boost your business. Pick the right social media platform and come up with a strategy that aligns perfectly with your business goals and requirements. Focus on adopting the right practices to make your social media feeds accessible by everyone, including the disabled. You will start achieving the expected results faster and more efficiently.

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