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The Division 1 hazardous areas may contain the flammable gases and vapors in ignitable concentration. A fault in the equipment or breakdown in the operation may cause failure of equipment, process hindrances, and even accidents. It is hence very important to choose the right purge system amongst all purged panels, which can be used for the industrial display to be accommodated in Class 1 and Division 1 zones. But before reaching out to any decision you should take into account the machine control as well as the HMI visualization choices that you have in that particular region. 

When you’re looking for a display for Division 1 and Class 1 zone, you can try the LCD monitors, which have been especially rated for their hazardous capabilities and adaptability. You will require the small purge enclosure as well. All the peripherals that you used in the region including keyboards, barcode scanners, and others should also be designed and manufactured for the region and this equipment will carry a rating for the purpose. 

Different Purges:

If you are looking for a purge system for the division 1 region, you should consult the NEPA 496 standard, which has all the information in the regard. Here you can know about the pressurized and the purge systems and the electrical enclosures to be used in the hazardous areas. The Type X and the Type Y purge systems are the purge solutions available for the Class 1-Division 1 areas. The NFPA standards clearly state that all the equipment that is used and mounted within a protected housing or enclosure should be approved for its use and placement in the Zone 2 locations. Therefore;

All the KVM components, the thin clients and the PC should be rated accordingly.

The tie-wraps are not sufficient for the USB wires and their packing. It is important that the different cables have been placed effectively and are also held in a mechanical manner. They could be removed only by using a tool.

The touchscreen should be safe and rated for use in Division 1 zone. Remember that the single display may be having two different ratings, one for the back and the other for the front.

An operator panel may not have the function keys or the rated touch screen, and hence may not be fit to be used in the division 1 zones.

All the general purpose equipment may be used for the Type X purges and enclosure but all the equipment external to the enclosure should be rated for use in the dangerous/hazardous zone.

The whole system has to be evaluated to be used in a dangerous zone like Division 1. Apart from the purge system, other equipment and components, including display and enclosure among others should also be rated.

You can procure and source high quality and rated equipment from the leading suppliers online as well. Using trusted and reliable panels enclosures and equipment is necessary and can be life-saving as well. The leading suppliers provide to you world class purged panels for the different hazardous areas, such as Division 1 at an affordable rate.