Credit cards’ usage in India has spiked with 36.34 million cardholders as of 2018. Generally, people associate these cards with unforeseen expenditures. However, if a person uses his credit card responsibly, he can save and earn a considerable amount without getting into debts.

Now, swiping the cards frequently won’t help you to save/earn money anyway. There are a few strategic ways in which one can make money using the credit card(s).

  • Look for reward points

The best way to leverage credit cards for money is to utilise the reward points. A user can redeem these points for cashbacks, discounts and offers at restaurants, salons, cinemas and for several other purposes.

Like, a person can use his accumulated reward points to buy flight tickets at a discounted price. Thus, you can save a lot if you know how to use credit card wisely.

  • Earn sign up bonuses

Additionally, customers can pick credit cards offering sign up bonuses that can be up to 20,000 reward points as well. Lenders even offer additional points on the first transaction made with a credit card.

  • Shop online

Many credit cards allow users to enjoy cashback or earn reward points when they shop online. It is profitable for those who are frequent online shoppers.

  • Apply for credit cards with comparatively low interest

Before applying for a card, compare the features and benefits of different cards available. Look for a card which offers the most competitive rate of interest. This way, you can save more on the interests.     

One such credit card is the Bajaj Finserv RBL Bank SuperCard which has 6 variants customised to suit various needs of the users.   

Furthermore, Bajaj Finserv provides pre-approved offers on their SuperCards which ensure the process of availing credit cards quick and hassle-free. Such offers also come with personal loans, business loans and several other financial products & services.


  • Consolidating all debts


Using a credit card to club all the outstanding debts can be an effective method to stay away from incurring penalties and late fees. This has other advantages too.

  1. Debtors can manage their finances better and save on interest rates by streamlining all the dues.
  2. Additionally, the repayment also becomes affordable and convenient.    
  3. Their CIBIL score will improve significantly.


  • Balance transfer of credit cards

By considering balance transfer, people have the opportunity to switch to another credit card offering lower interest rates. Moreover, they can also get access to better terms and conditions compared to the existing issuer.

It is now pretty clear that credit cards can help consumers manage their cash flow in a better way along with numerous other monetary benefits when used sensibly. Therefore, it is also advised to look out for credit cards that are most instrumental.

NBFCs like Bajaj Finserv offer industry-first features like interest-free cash withdrawal with the RBL Bank Credit Card. Consumers can also convert their total due amount into easy EMIs, thereby cutting down the financial crunch.

Additionally, users have the advantage to take an emergency loan against the unutilised limit on their credit card. The loan can be repaid without incurring any interest within a period of 90 days in 3 easy installments. Thus, with such advantages and strategies, consumers can save and earn more with every transaction they make.

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