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Celebrate your father’s birthday with gifts that he will appreciate

Just like there are different moms out there, there are different dads as well. You have the techie dad who loves and understands technology like nobody else you know. Then you have the healthy dad, he’s the dad who’s a health freak, he probably cycles to and fro from work everyday, eats all his veggies and would choose a home cooked meal over fast food anyday. You also have the young (at heart dad), the dad who loves playing around with your friends and is always up for physical activities around the house. He radiates sunshine and is always the most active person in the old people gathering. The other type of dad is the outdoorsy dad. This kind of dad loves company and loves going out. He’s the kind of person who would go river rafting, mountain climbing and skydiving without thinking even for a second, he’s all up for  adventure sports and good fun. Next we have the designy dad, the father who loves everything branded and couture and would not mind shelling a few thousand bucks on something that’s handcrafted.


So it’s your dad’s birthday coming up and that’s the only day when he can sit and relax while the kids run the show. Even though you’ve heard your dad say a thousand times that he doesn’t want anything for his birthday and that you are the greatest gift for him, don’t believe him. Parents are seasoned liars who believe in sacrifice and don’t know how much they’ll love a gift until they get it.

Given below are a few gift options that will make your old man very happy.


  1. An assorted hamper: Nothing beats a good cheap hamper because there is so much variety and so much to look forward to. With every product you will see your dad smile, especially if the hamper is personalized according to his taste.
  2. An electric kettle: If your dad’s day doesn’t start without a mug of coffee or tea then this kettle is for him. You’ve seen him struggling with the coffee machine early in the morning and you’ve often heard him abuse the inanimate object for taking a lot of time and making him late. An electric kettle heats up water in less than 3 minutes and your dad is good to go. If he’s not much of a cook, he can also make instant noodles in the kettle when he’s hungry.
  3. A vacuum razor: We’ve heard about electric razors but now it’s time to bring the vacuum razor to the forefront. This razor is indeed a blessing if you find the drains clogged after your dad finishes his shaving routine. This razor sucks in the hair inside and you can dump it in the garbage once he is done with his shaving.
  4. Vacuum stopper for his expensive wine bottles: If your father has a taste for good wine then you can send him online hampers with a few wine bottles and a vacuum stopper. A vacuum stopper keeps wine fresh for longer. This won’t incline  your dad to down the whole bottle in one go to prevent it from becoming bad.
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