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Bleisure Reloaded: 5 Must-Visit Tokyo Attractions During a Business Trip in Japan


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Are you planning a leisure trip to Tokyo? If you’re looking for the best things to do or places to visit, you’re in luck! Here to complete your future trip to Japan is a list of 5 Tokyo attractions for your bucket list.

1. Indulge in Matcha/Green Tea

Since matcha is one of the most popular around the world, why not indulge in a cup alone or with colleagues to start? Matcha tea ceremonies are very popular and traditional Tokyo tourist spots. There you can learn how to make matcha green tea using the traditional utensils.

Or you can try fresh matcha green tea with tasty Japanese desserts (Wagashi). There are popular Japanese tea ceremony workshops available in Shinjuku, another good place for Tokyo sightseeing. It won’t be hard to find teahouses and cafes serving delicious matcha all over Tokyo’s busy streets!

2. Take Photos at Shibuya Crossing

Speaking of busy streets, one of the most famous places in Japan is the Shibuya Scramble Crossing. It’s a crosswalk passed by nearly a half-million people daily and is one of the hottest photo spots in recent years. The sight of passengers navigating from all of the directions at once is breathtaking.

Shibuya is one of Tokyo’s more trendy districts and is home to Japanese youth culture. You’ll also find a variety of shopping meals, bars, clubs, restaurants, and cafes located here. Don’t lose your Tokyo Subway ticket scrambling through this crossing!

3. Try Wagyu Beef

One of the best countries to taste beef is undoubtedly Japan. Japan is famous for its wagyu beef, held by some to be the best beef in the world. Like sushi or tempura, wagyu restaurants are the Tokyo attractions on every foodie’s list. And there are plenty of amazing restaurants serving yummy wagyu dishes.

We highly recommend a premium wagyu beef dining experience at least once during your business trip. For a tighter budget, having wagyu for lunch is another valuable option. One of Tokyo’s most popular restaurants serving fine quality wagyu beef is Hakushu in Shibuya district, Tokyo.

4. Drink Like a Local at Izakaya Alley

Tokyo is home to a variety of bars serving up a unique drinking experience such as Izakaya alleys or Yokocho. If you’re looking for a couple of beers after a business meeting, an Izakaya is the way to go. Despite having very few seats, they are one of the must-visit places in Japan.

Why not share a bottle of Sake with a local while munching on authentic Japanese snacks? It could be the whole new experience you and your colleagues are looking for. Some of the most popular Izakaya alleys and fun drinking districts are in Shibuya, Shinjuku, and Ueno.

5. Catch Views at the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building

This is one of the top observatories in Tokyo with an impressive view, especially after sunset. The Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building has two observation decks on the 45th floor, 202 m above the sea level. It’s a short distance from Shinjuku Station’s west gate and is totally free to enter.

It’s the perfect spot to hang out all night long or for a few moments before retreating.

Explore These Tokyo Attractions!

It’s almost impossible to be bored in Tokyo and after seeing our list, wouldn’t you agree? If you’re planning to visit Japan in the near future, we highly recommend starting with these 5 things. They’re available year-round and are the perfect Tokyo attractions to start an incredible business trip!

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