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SSD Super Automatic Solution


This is the solution that refers to SSD products as a reactivation member. It’s a type solution to purify your damaged notes and bills. These include Euros, Dollars, Pounds, and any paper-made notes. That means it helps to remove spots from used and old notes to make it look new ones.The product origin is the USA, comes with one kg per quality pack, the grade is number one with 99.99% higher-quality. As a result, it’s the perfect cleaning solution for your black money. You’re able to buy SSD Super Automatic Solution from many organizations.This solution and activation powder make a unique formula to clean you defaced currencies like Dollars, Euros, Pounds, and any other paper-made bank notes. It’s one of the best compound powders with SSD de-icing formula to clean your dirty notes. But, you must ensure that you’re buying the solution of “A” grade from some proven suppliers.

SSD PK58 Solution

The SSD PK58 Solution is a type of solution that you can use to clean bank notes. The notes that are not just old in age, they have black coats and sports as well. The financial industry uses this solution broadly, particularly the banking sector. During the cleaning process, they use the solution to clean the dirty notes.This solution makes the hard spots from your bank notes in the most effective way. The manufacturer of the solution has used some different items to prepare it. For example, they have prepared it using anti-freezing agents, vectrol paste, and de-icing fluids. This is why it’s very active to take out black or other spots from your bank notes.No matter what your currencies are, using this solution you can clean them easily. Also, it doesn’t harm or discolor your notes and restore their initial appearances. Moreover, you can use it to clean you’re your sachet currencies.

Mercury Powder

mercury pawder
mercury pawder

Also known as Mercury Ink, Mercury Powder is one of the essential and effective members of the SSD family. This is a synthetic surfactant decedent and you can use it to complete the job of cleaning black money. You can use this powder with activation powder or SSD chemical solution.But, you should know the process and the safety instruction to get the expected results. The product origin is the USA that comes with half kg as a minimum quantity and its number one grade of USA based. The powder is 99.99% effective to clean your black money. This black money cleaning powder is also known as a type of in that we have said already.So, this is very powerful and suitable for cleaning of old, spotted, and black coated notes. And it may end up your searches if you’re in search of high-quality mercury powder to clean your black currencies. That means if you’re looking for a better solution of your black money, then this powder can make your job done effortlessly.

SSD Ultimate 2018 Solution

This solution is another part of black money cleaning items. This SSD category product is very useful to extract black or any other spots from your money. So, you can take out dirty or grime of your notes and make them see as good as they were at their initial time.You can go through the extraction process when you need to extract natural foreign elements stick on your bank notes. This black money solution is one of the best items to clean your defaced notes to make them new-like look and provide them a new face. This cleaning solution comes with the wet process and the semiconductor industry uses it widely.Besides, this solution is not just clean your black money, it also keeps them clean and in good conditions for years. That means you can protect your money using this solution as well. But, if you use it your own then you should know the process along with essential safety instructions.

Activation Powder

Activation powder
Activation powder

When you need to clean your black money, activation power is a great thing to support you. There is also a high-quality chemical solution along with this activation powder. If you have this powder, you can use them to cleaning all sorts of black are experts with the skill of this task who are working on this type of projects if you think it’s tough to do your own. They’re capable of clean your black notes successfully as they have superior technology and machines. So, you’re able to make your notes new plus fresh to look that you’re looking for.That means if you use this powder or chemical then you’ll get your black money free of stain or dirt. Regardless of assigning it to a professional or you’re doing the task your own. Also, the powder offers a nice work for you and you’ll get your black notes like the new ones that they were previously.

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