Bhangar on boil as bombs hurled, bullets fired in midnight clashes


    Bhagwara on the banks of Kolkata, where the villagers restricted the management of theft by the end of 2016, was thrown on Wednesday night and many bombs flow and well-planned projects from midnight Let’s go

    As the residents have indicated, the transition from the Congress to close the strictly tightening of the Congress decision against Mumbai, Mumbai, Mumbai, Mumbai, Mumhraper, Naveed Hap and Oriya Para.

    Almost twelveteen cities are providing protection from the project of electricity matrix in zones, in which the state government’s power and the Titanamol Congress decision are being represented. The decision-making Dawood has expanded extensively after assigning records to the two gram-dominated players, because their success will be avoided by Mamata Banerjee administration.

    Opinion cities were immediately stopped from the streets of Syria to remove zones from regions and blocks.

    This crisp resulted in the appeal of the horrific villagers when the Kolkata High Court helped record nominated papers for the country’s survey. Teachers decided to show their regional decisions in the region under the flag of Jami, Jabal, Jakarta, Parsabish A. Bastothan Rakhsha (Committee to ensure land, place, condition and biological community).

    High Court decision is expected on Friday.

    “The revelation was to ensure that despite the fact that the High Court decided for us, no one could collect any election,” said Prakash Singh Thakur, secretary of the Nikkeetite equipments. Fear because they know they will lose. ” ) (Red Star) that is causing trouble in earth.

    “It was the biggest attack. Tammol has emphasized on the cities. Finally, after four hours, many villages left their homes to oppose the village, they went back. We were sure They are coming back today. ” The body said on Thursday.

    “They are spreading lies, we did not attack them,” said a senior MLA Trust Congress pioneer, Arab Islam. In fact the cleaned family has expelled our workers from the zone. ”

    The Islamist child heads the Polarrett II Gram Panchayat, in which approximately 80% of zones are ordered by teachers.

    In any case, inevitable council, 16 gram panchayats, three-pointing committee and a zealous seats can choose for the selection of two-fifth five seats against the desire to challenge. Strengthening the Traamamal Congress’s support on the issue of the April Advocate Office’s office to be held on April 6, they removed them from the council.

    That night the police arrested some valuable human rights activists who were left of hunger hunger. One of them, a young expert, retailing Banerjee, has been protected under illegal acts (Prevention) Act (UAPA) in the areas of anti-awesome law.

    Banerjee is the fifth person to develop under the UA (P) A.

    On the occasion, Bass Padri Mamta Banerjee has repeatedly said that the Bhagwar project must be necessary because it will help control concert in South Bengal.

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