The latest trick that has helped online casinos try to recreate that awesome feeling of being in the land-based casino is the live casino. If you want that rush of entering the casino club, walking through all the punters on the slots putting in their pennies, glancing at the poker players going double or nothing, to finally sit down at your blackjack table, but at the same time do not want to leave the comfort of your own home then we suggest that you visit the live casino.

On top of this, like all physical and online casino games, the live casino is only as successful as it is because it has been pioneered by the top casino games software developers who have worked hard at making sure your experience is as full as possible – visit If you want to know what live casino software developers you should trust then you have come to the right place!

What exactly is the Live Casino?

Maybe you are just starting out your online igaming career and have heard the term ‘live casino’ thrown around like a big blind in poker, or maybe you want to learn some inside knowledge about live casino developers.

Either way, you have come to the right place because we have, as always, the complete comprehensive guide on live casinos just for you:

  •       What is the Live Casino? – Live casinos are basically online virtual rooms with a video stream of the table, dealer, and cards that mean when you join you are playing against real people sitting electronically next to you! If you cannot decide between going to the physical casino and staying at home, then why not compromise and do both!
  •       How does the Live Casino Work? – Much like online video casino games and the physical casino, live casinos have the same betting games that you love to play but give you the advantage of playing them wherever you are. If you are a poker nut who loves to play but wants to have a bath at the same time then now is the time to start playing on live casinos!
  •       Who are they Developed by? – The developers of live casinos are certainly to be trusted because they have been predicting the direction of virtual gambling since the start… do not worry, we will get into the best live casino software developers later!

Who are the Best Live Casino Software Developers?

It is important that you know your casino software developers because they are the ones with who you are entrusting with your money and details, so, we cannot have them mysteriously losing them!

Here are the top 2 best live casino software developers that you need to be looking out for!

  1.     Microgaming – If you have played the progressive jackpot Mega Moolah, then you have played with Microgaming. They have been around for over 20 years so you can definitely trust them!

2.      NetEnt – Being one of the biggest igaming software developers on the online casino scene means that you can certainly be safe in their hands.

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