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Best CRM Software for Small Business in 2023


Sometimes running a startup can seem like a circus. In addition to managing your finances and hiring and keeping the best employees, you also need to focus on building a strong client base. 

Additionally, if you’re serious about starting the process, you’ll need to figure out how to balance maintaining good client relations with attending client meetings and responding to feedback.

While growing your business, you can manage all of these factors by utilizing the appropriate CRM software.

What is CRM Software?

A CRM tool enables start-ups and small businesses to manage all of their contacts in one location, track the progress of each sale, and cultivate enduring connections with their clients. These days, there is a wide variety of free CRM software on the market.

CRM enables a startup to strengthen ties with its clients, partners, and suppliers. This is particularly crucial because it’s practically impossible for a business to expand without strong stakeholder ties. 

The proper CRM software may prevent missed opportunities, data access restrictions, and problems with communications between your sales and marketing teams. According to data, a CRM system can boost a company’s cross-selling and up-selling revenue.

Bitrix24 CRM

A solution for team communication with CRM features is called Bitrix24. You can effectively manage your sales force with a native time tracker, sales automation, and granular permissions. A 24-person video calling feature is also included in this CRM program. With the sales funnel analysis tool, you can use it to spot sales opportunities and bottlenecks. Additionally, you can use email and SMS automation to increase sales and enhance customer loyalty. You have the chance to plan sales activities, monitor their progress, and establish linkages between them by using task dependencies and the chart view.


Teams in small and large businesses utilize ClickUp, one of the top-rated productivity and startup management programs worldwide. It allows you to automatically assign tasks for every level of your sales pipeline and allows you to use tags to categorize your accounts. It also gives you a map-based representation of your client’s whereabouts. Additionally, your startup can put the money you would have spent on software into your company by using the Free Forever Plan!


This CRM is a no-cost option for new businesses. Additionally, it has a variety of useful sales tools for startups that support teams in better managing their pipeline. Utilize lead scoring and visual dashboards to gain a thorough insight into your entire sales pipeline. You may create a library of useful content for your entire team and manage documents.


Project management features are included in this all-in-one CRM solution. It allows you to gamify your sales process, assign tasks to team members, and track email campaigns. With the help of voicemail automation and the one-click calling tool, the service will keep track of the many stages and project milestones in your sales deals. It will also contact customers and organize jobs by priority, due date, owner, and status.

Make your small business better with the Best CRM Platform

When you have to handle a ton of responsibilities by yourself, it can be quite difficult to keep your small firm viable. But keep in mind that knowledge is the most valuable asset for startups, and nothing is more valuable than customer data. Fortunately, you can manage customer relations with ease and save time and other resources by using free CRM tools for startups. In this manner, you can change your attention from administrative responsibilities to business expansion.

With Bitrix24, you may set and monitor your progress toward your financing targets as well as use Mind Maps to envision client projects, manage your team’s work capacity, and visualize client projects.

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