When speaking to potential customers, the major question posed to them is what are the advantages of SMS India Gurgaon in comparison to other marketing methods. Till this point of time speed along with cost effectiveness were major benefits. But as per research the benefits extend much beyond that. When you avail services of bulk message service provider in Gurgaon they specify following benefits.

Open rates

On an average 98 % of time message is read by the recipient. It takes roughly around 5 seconds in doing so as well.  It sounds good when you compare it to the open rates of an email at 20 %. Not forgetting to mention that the average opening time of an email is 48 hours. From a marketing perspective if you want to convey a mess rely on SMS services.

Flexibility and speed

The modern mantra of every business is flexibility along with adaptability and this is in line with the changing conditions of business. In bulk SMS marketing there is zero lead time which means that any campaign reaches out to the targeted audience in just a matter of few seconds. You can clear off the old stock before a delivery. The consumers are in a win situation as they can choose to respond to the needs of the companies.

High ROI and low cost

Any print of paper ad works out to be a costly proposition for small or medium sized business houses. On the other hand SMS services have relatively smaller running costs and works out to be cost effective as well. You can launch it at a small cost in comparison to the traditional marketing methods. Where it is possible to contact 1000 customers at a single go. It is not only the low cost but the high rate of interest that works out to be a modern marketing tool

Targeted audience

Gone are the days where business owners used to send out messages in a random hope that it would reach out to the targeted audience. For a company where cost is important, the need would be that each and every message happens to be targeted. When it is a SMS message

  • The customers could already be having a relationship with you
  • They would have agreed in order to receive messages form you

It would mean that you could target the old customers, whereby you can search for new clients. The accepted norm is that it is 5 to 6 times easier in selling to an old customer rather than availing the services of a new client. Bulk SMS are a perfect blend of establishing relationships with new and old customers.


You can personalize the messages which reaches out to the inbox of the customers in a matter of seconds. It could also be personalized based on the previous buying experience of the customers or their demographics. In order to achieve this level of personalization in a marketing effort would take a lot of time.

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