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Benefits of Big Screens in Advertising


Outdoor advertising has grown leaps and bounds in the last couple of decades. What once were billboards is now big screen displays. What once were hoardings are now big screen video. Indoor advertising benefited thoroughly through LED screens. This aided in advertising within closed spaces such as trade fairs, exhibitions, and sports halls. The LED screens aid in making the message more attractive and catch the attention of prospective customers.

Indoor Advertising

Most indoor LED screens that are available in the electronics market are made using a surface mounted device. The indoor screens require screens with a minimum brightness of 600 candles per square meters. This is enough for retail applications, although their ambient-brightness is low, which can hamper visibility.

indoor led display board

The versatility of the light emitting diode helps it to be used as a light source for indoor advertising. Despite this, it is the flat screen TV panels that are most used in electronic digital signage. The electronic signage for indoors is limiting. It is great to be used in situations as per the clients’ needs. LEDs for dynamic messaging indoors are less explored these days.

Outdoor Advertising

The versatility of LED is limitless when the advertising shifts outdoors. The uses for indoor applications still remain lukewarm. Whether it is retail or corporate or even government, LED can be used to keep it simple and single colored. The brightness attracts the attention of customers thanks to its dynamic signage. The exact same purpose is also served outdoors, but the size of the screen is more than doubled. Big screen displays are to be utilized well for outdoor advertising. Big screen video can spread your content to a wider and a much younger audience.

You need to prepare the display content in such a way that the message grabs the customer’s attention through the big screen messages. That is why integrating these outdoor displays into your business are important in increasing engagement.

Benefits of Big Screen Display

1. The eye-catching brightness helps in cutting through the marketing noise

2. The display gives something to notice with ease, as compared to LCDs and overused posters

3. It is a unique method of engaging customers

4. They help capitalize on the impulse buying and the walkthrough traffic

5. The touch points for customer engagement is new and fresh


Big screen displays without an ounce of a doubt make outdoor advertising profitable. If you add big screen video to your next marketing strategy, you can easily reap the benefits of effective content displays.

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