Behind The Scenes Of The Infamous Netflix VPN Block

Watching your favourite shows from any location around the globe can easily be achieved when viewing a streaming service through a vpn service. The providers of the said service can issue special IP addresses so you can in affect change your location without moving an inch.

This process of being able to watch otherwise geolocked content has been executed by many thousands of viewers around the world but Netflix have suddenly decided to act against it. Although they have officially denied changes to their operations in regards to vpn, a recent leak said otherwise.

Here’s the background information which could reveal some of the answers you’ve been looking for.

Proxy warning messages

If you try to search  vpn netflix polska (vpn netflix poland) or jak oglądać netflix po polsku (how to watch netflix in Polish) on a search engine you may be faced with a selection of vpn providers. However, on many occasions it seems like many vpn brands cannot work their way around the stopper that Netflix have put in place.

You may be able to log on to a specified Netflix service but as you try to watch something a proxy message will appear stating something along the lines of the content not being available in your region. This is the Netflix block working its magic.

What are the differences between then and now?

As Netflix are under an extreme amount of pressure from movie partners and their law firms, they have really upped their game in blocking illegal users from their streaming services. One noticeable difference is to their app. Several changes have been made to the Android app which now makes it use Google DNS. Subsequently making it very difficult to keep the streaming app from blocking you and your vpn IP address.

The changes made to the 200 odd Netflix services for watching content online have also had a huge impact, with many existing vpn users complaining to their vpn providers that they can no longer access certain Netflix content. This isn’t the fault of the vpn networks, but instead it’s Netflix putting their foot down.

I’m a legitimate user, why am I being blocked?

This is a side effect of the otherwise clever tactic to minimise so called ‘illegal’ viewers. By creating a counter attack against IP addresses, Netflix have also caused an issue for legitimate Netflix viewers who happen to use a vpn service to access the streaming channel. Many users prefer using the Internet through a virtual private network for security reasons, but the way in which the anti vpn service has been built, there is a catch 22 scenario in which Netflix may be causing themselves more harm than good.

Although this isn’t what Netflix as a company would have intended to happen, the issues which have now occurred have started pushing regular users away and once again sent a flurry of activity towards other services like torrents for movies and shows.

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