Available kattalyst


    Kattalyst maintains a small cattery, where our cats and kittens are raised as pets. While breeding to the CFA/TICA standards for top quality show prospects is a goal, cats are bred first and foremost for health and purrsonality. Pet kittens are frequently available to approved homes. Occasionally we will list kittens who are not at our cattery but are with very close friends and breeding partners (their kittens, like ours, are raised as loving pets, and are given vaccines and wellness exams by their veterinarians). Many of these cats are closely related to ours! We do not broker kittens from overseas (bring in kittens simply to sell them.) Therefore we do not always have cats or kittens available.

    Please don’t be offended if we ask you a lot of questions before agreeing to sell you a kitten or older cat. We like to ensure that our kittens and cats go to warm loving homes where they will have both their physical and emotional needs met, and that the home is the right match for everyone involved. Our cats and kittens are always welcome back should it not work out. We are located in New Jersey. We do not ship our cats or kittens more.

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