Australia and Netherlands Business Relations: 400 Years of Shared Past


    Australia is huge in terms of total area and so, business prospects are immense. Netherlands, on the other hand, although not big as Australia in terms of area, this European country is a truly world-class business destination.

    Australia and Netherland relation dates back to 1616 when the Dutch mariner, Dirk Hartog, became the second Dutchman to land on the Australian shores. This is when the engagement between the two countries took off.

    As a Dutch national if you are interested to invest and start a business in Australia, you would need a visum australie aanvragen to be allowed to enter the country. The ETA Visa is electronically linked to your passport and is intended for short trips or business tours.  Simply apply for it online and get a short-term business/work visa from the government website.

    Business Relations Between Australia and Netherlands

    The countries are strongly connected on science and other research sectors where they are working together on a wide range of ventures. From top medical research projects to venturing into space with the Square Kilometre Array telescope collaboration, there is a lot that is going on.

    Talking of commercial ties, the relationship between the two nations is encouraged by Dutch skills in banking, infrastructure, and water management, while Australia leads in education, tourism, and mining.

    Netherlands is an important investment and trading partner for Australia. With $2.6 billion in goods and services in the fiscal year 2015-2016, it is the third largest export market within EU for Australia. Some of the most important items that are exported from Australia to Netherlands are coal, different mineral ores and concentrates, medical equipment, oil seeds, beef, and olive oil.

    The bilateral business and the Dutch investment in the island country by companies like ING, Shell, Rabobank, Unilever, and many more from different sectors. They have unitedly cultivated both the business development of Australia and The Dutch corporate success.

    What’s interesting is, these businesses share their innovative and sustainable production techniques that nurture development and modernization in both the economies. Very few are aware that Netherlands is the fourth largest foreign investor in Australia and among the top 10 investments location for the Aussies.

    Business Culture in Both Countries

    The Dutch population is experienced in carrying out international business and their approach has a higher focus on structure, ranking and formality. It is pretty common in Netherlands for the company representatives to address each other using their surnames.

    For the executive level meetings, around six weeks’ notice is mandatory. They vouch for punctuality and so, if you are late for a meeting, you must call in advance and provide as much notice as you can. Meetings are difficult to be arranged during the peak summer holidays that is, in the months of July and August. Moreover, many companies keep closed during Christmas and the New Year.

    Australia was literally put on the map with their celebration of man and the nation in 2016. While Australia’s ties with the navigators and assessors of Netherlands got the island country into the pages of today’s world, it is the shared values between the two nations and the common interests that still sustain the relationship.

    The relationship has a 400 year of history which has earned greater meaning by the heritage of common values. Netherlands stays a consistent and strong supporter of these principals even in the current times and these were the same values that shaped up a young Australian nation during the early 20th century,

    So, if you are in Netherlands and planning of investing in Australia or vice versa, all you need is the ETA Visa in hand and you are all set to conquer the world.