Apple removes anti-malware apps that harvested browser data


    Applications from leading cyber security firms were found to be exported from Apple Apple to Apple after exporting users’ browsers history.

    Many anti-malware applications have been updated by cyber security company through Microsoft.

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    However, trendy Microsoft denied the allegations that apps are “stealing user data” and send it a server in China.

    Last week, security researchers saw the behavior of apps.

    Three applications made by Trend Micro, Dr. Cleaner, Dr. Antivirus and the app installed, were removed from Apple Mac App Store, although Tech Giant has not yet confirmed.

    Trend Micro said in a statement that “trendy Microsoft” is absolutely wrong in stealing user data and sending reports to an unknown server in China. ”

    He further added that he has completed the initial investigation, which confirmed that many applications, including Dr. Cleaner and Dr. Antivirus, collected “a small snapshot of browser history at once” in the installation. And uploaded

    The firm said it was done for “security purposes”, so that the user had recently encountered adware or other threats.

    However, he further added that he has decided to remove the function from the apps.

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    In an update in the statement, Trendy Mike said, “We apologize for our community to worry that they may feel and can ensure that their data are safe and it is not understood. Goes. ”

    User browser login logs, which have already been held for three months, are now deleted.

    The BBC has contacted Apple for comment.

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