Apple launch: Bigger! Faster! Pricier! Innovative?


    Apple has given a run to the Oval Office for its money in the past few weeks – we’ve got an unprecedented number before the company’s annual product launch.

    Therefore, to stop any surprise – a Steve Jobs-esque “Another thing” – we have a good idea that when expected to expel Wednesday’s team out of Tecco on Wednesday. They will be the first U.S. company head executive to reach $ 1tn (£ 768bn). To keep this way, Apple will build on previous achievements, but instead will be introduced somewhat dramatically.

    We will probably see three Nokia iPhones, a restored Apple Clock, and maybe some new iPods. After this year, the rumor shows that a budget laptop can be in the way.

    However, we will not see what, however, are some of the promises being promised by some of Apple’s competitors.

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    Samsung plans a device with a flexible display up to the end of the year. One plus said that his next phone will have a fingerprint sensor built in the screen. Eve, who has recently overwhelmed Apple in the sale of global smartphones, said it is working on its elastic device.

    But, of course, Apple’s power is ignoring such an emerging technology as long as it feels its time is not the right to build in their products. As far as they see it, there is no point in technology for technology – a philosophy approved by year after year.

    Ben Wood says, “Now the phone franchise is so powerful now that it feels it’s almost inevitable.”

    “Even when surveys like Samsung Samsung have to push the envelope on civilization screens like new technology.”
    Last year, it was an iPhone’s 10-year-old birthday, and the fans expected the device’s benefits. IPhone X – Ten – What was that, while not revolution in the range, at least push it in a new design phase.

    He also has a new price bracket on the iPhone: $ 999.

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    The expected time is not around at all. This is called a “S” year, when Apple does not make any major changes to its device, to save some internal fixtures – and to make it clear the device’s name “S” tanks. Is.

    Therefore, according to this theme, we are expecting an iPhone XS. At the same time, Lectures suggest another, large version – which can make a $ 999, which is both “affordable” option. This larger version can be called XS Max, a name I feel more like a muscular powder supplement, but hello – I’m not a marketer.

    Apple’s stock price increased dramatically when the company had increased the average sales price of an iPhone. Some were worried – Apple had checked water with its $ 999 price point last year, which is its expensive phone. According to the flood data, “” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ”. With XS Max, we’ll see how Apple can remove it.

    In addition to the XS and XS Max, the default version of the iPhone X could be set up in 2018. If this happens, its home button means, whose circular button has made it known for identification, will not be more.

    While iPhone’s apple bread and butter remain, accounting for a wide variety of firm profits, a growing portion of its business comes from other areas, such as Apple Watch. This device has not been seen that blockbuster sales may expect something after 2015, but it is the cheapest selling market in the market.

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    Lucks think we can see a new Apple Watch with a small screen and more advanced heart monitoring capability. Actually three years ago, I have predicted Apple Watch as a big seller of this Christmas – the primary source of upgrading early converters, and those who can come back can now be tested.

    Apple Watch Sale is good for Apple’s wide business – it works just with iPhone, naturally.


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