Truecaller, this app helps the spam calls and messages to be screened, becoming a chat app because it continues in a social service.

The company announced today it is introducing a chat feature in its Android and iOS apps, although it’s already available for Android beta users.

The move is paid about the recent track of the tracker. It is pushing locally in India – based on Consumer-based Truecaller’s biggest market – acquisition of start-up cheerleader in June. In addition to adding personal payments to the person by this agreement, the tractor is preparing to allow third parties to integrate their services into their app. In this context, adding a chat is very meaningful.

The feature may be very easy for Android users. A trailer representative explained TechCrunch that it would work more like Apple’s iMessage – Messages sent between Truecaller users will be handled in the app for free, while sending messages to non-users Messages which are endorsed by SMS will end.

Truecaller also said that this step to include messaging will help counter “fake news” which is a problem which has lost the voice app in India. The company said it would depend on the opposite and report links, with plans to include AI and Machine Learning.

While it is uncertain that Truecaller is a strong community – information used to identify spam sms and phone numbers within email within the app comes from community reporting – but the proposed solution There is no difference in what Facebook and WhatsApp really talked about. Truecaller will not either check the facts. This strategy can work within small circles, but if the app receives a lot of celebrations, it does not know how to manage the problem of incorrect information.

The messaging feature is global, but has promised to create the biggest impact in India, where it is highlighted that different companies have to converge on messages and payments from different starting points.

WhatsApp, which claims 200 million users in India, is shifting from chat payments; PT specialist PT added a chat last year and has only enabled SMS. While trailer detection detection came into payment and interacted now.

While it is smaller than voice app and PTM, Trokereller still affects 100 million daily users. The company has already said that 60% of its registered users are in India, but it is not clear how active they are. With the conversation, the tractor will hope to increase this number before opening its platform into the third parties. It may be before the end of this year, or at the beginning of the next year, the company told TechCrunch.

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