Analysis: Putin sits back as US, allies strike Syria


    Moscow (AP) – In the war after the United States, the United Kingdom and the United Kingdom, have decided to strike their colleagues after looking after them, Russian President Vladimir Putin has taken a great course.

    This mental reaction can affect the extreme human picture of the Russian pieer, but it will not weaken their growth in Syria or eliminate its power at home.

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    Carmen warned Washington that Russia will fight any strike which has declared its soldiers illegal in Syria. The West understood the red line by giving notification at the time of the week’s attack, similarly after attacking the Syrian airport completed a year ago. Russia sat sitting with gears in those days, however, at that time, failed to strike it.

    Such conflicts can spread rapidly wildly – a great degree of disorder is usually the case of the 1962 Cuba rocket emergency, when the world was severely quit nuclear.

    “With our partners, we have assured that the Russians are carefully cautious,” US Defense Minister Florence Pari said. On April 7, American officials have indicated regular people in Damascus, Syria. His experts did not give any indication of artificial operators.

    A senior French authority felt that President Ammon Mullone did not inform Putin about the attacks when he spoke on telephone on Friday, but still “active” some de-confusion systems ” And both “realized that the second phase would start faster.”

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    Putin described week strikes as “demonstration of demonstrators”, which will reduce the crisis in Syria and affect the entire management of global relations. He has condemned Washington and his colleagues, not only the world’s hostile weapons guarded by dog ​​dogs, to visit Duma outside Damascus.

    The Russian army has said that the rockets near the air-conditioned restoration of two airports were not connected to them.

    Russian online networking celebrated Saturday with Patriot’s friendly attitude to ignore her partner. However, the state television focused on censoring the West, which allegedly attacked Moscow’s compound.

    Strong control of chromelon on the media will help Putin to maintain a strategic distance on his consistent picture of solid pinned with any significant damage.

    The truth will be said, its mental position can help their pro advance between Russia’s concerns regarding war. In the end, the state media has suggested suggestions on the most valuable way to take nuclear weapons and provide control over the rules.

    Most Russians will be helped in Russia and Putin will be praised again to withdraw from the edge. State TV channels have seen that they have appeared as a result of the death of American President Donald Trap, a worthy, proprietary position from Putin.

    Foreign and defense policy leader Fedodor Lolanov, Russian Remote Management and the best-known relationship of security experts, told the state TV that “action against Moscow has not been” unintentionally deteriorated by Pentagon, and strike It was very cautious. ”

    Carmel will also use an emergency to promote its story of a Emergency West that sinks into the world and rejects international laws. Russian officials and officials emphasized against Iraq against the US invasion in 2003, that Iraq had created suspected nuclear weapons – the charges were wrong.

    The State TV analyst asserted that Trum and British Prime Minister Thesa emphasized the attack to discuss their political matters at home.

    For the present, Putin has restricted his opinion to gather a UN Security Council official meeting.

    Moscow, a Russian military general Staff, Colonel General Sergei Roddai, said Moscow could support Syrian resources protection sources of Syria, which could result in no announcement of military soldiers immediately. 300 rockets. He felt that Moscow has yet indicated the West West that rockets could not be given to Damascus, but he said that now he can work again.

    Rudowscu also added that Moscow can provide long-term rockets for different countries, which is a significant reference to Iran, which has already committed the S-300s.

    Clearly the announcement has gone to expose the West to more than the most of the attacks in Syria, which can threaten the growing threats of President Bashar al-Assad on front of the front, where Russian aid gave them the most important areas I have helped control.

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