An Overview about Lead Generation techniques and Strategies

An Overview about Lead Generation techniques and Strategies

Today, a person gets at least 15-20 emails on average. I am talking about only promotional ones. Obviously, no-one has enough time to read each and every email. Only some emails get the virtue, which they are supposed to get. If you want to make your email special and you want it to be specific, you need to follow several tricks. Your mail should have stopping power which other mails don’t have.

Whatever you do in your business, the main aim is to generate the leads. Whether you do promotions or you want to promote your business with emails, newspaper, online or anything else, the main aim is the generation of leads. So, an email should be created in such a way that it can generate the leads. If the customers will give response to your emails then only you will get enough leads. So, here, I will tell you the different ways to increase the leads. Most of artificial Intelligence Companies are working for building automatic lead generation software, where data has been collected and pitch them automatically.

Thanks to the technology, we are having special tools in our pocket. Gone are the days when we used to look for the several difficult options for finding the clicks on your emails. But, today, there are several email automation tools available in the market. The software helps you to feed your tools. For example, helps you to find verified email, name and contact number of prospect’s many more. This software helps you to judge the click-through rate.

Make it personal, not mass produced:

Nobody loves to look at the emails, which are meant for the mass. Everyone loves to read the content, which is personalized. An email is all about the content written in the mails. So, make the content personalized, not for mass. This is the only reason why it is advised to prevent the flash pieces. The reason is, flash pieces are considered for the mass pieces whereas simple pieces are believed for the individuals.

Let me make it clearer with an example. Suppose, you are writing something for your sister. Will you present the content with the promotional banner at the top and that too with the different font colors? Not actually, so make the things quite simple.

Don’t be bland and boring:

Don’t make the content too bad and boring. Nobody loves to read the boring and bland content. Always follow the only one rule if you want to generate the lead with email marketing i.e., don’t make it screaming, keep it simple. After every mail, change the font of the content, add the bullet points and always change the format of the content from time to time.

Use the name of the reader:

You can enjoy the perks in the form of lead generation. If you know the name of your reader, include the name within the content. It will again make the content personalized, not for mass produced. The people who use the name of their readers in the content, they get the high leads in comparison with the others who don’t use the names. With this trick, the readers will not only take interest in reading the offer but they will also respond to your offer.

Make it short:

We usually have two thoughts for this point. Some people say, the content in the email should be short because short content will not make the things too boring whereas some people say, the content should be lengthy because lengthy can hold the attention of reader for too long and he/she will think about your offer. But, ideally, nobody has enough time to read the lengthy content. So, you can keep it short and informative. Otherwise, the reader will find it better to press the delete button for huge and lengthy emails.

Don’t be directly ‘promotional’:

Obviously, the meaning and aim of email marketing is the promotion of your offers. But, nobody likes the businesses which directly promote their business. People always love to get more information rather than the offer. So, you can make your email more informative rather than promotional. In this way, the customer would love to think about your offer and would love to go with the flow.

Use graphics:

In the starting of the article, I told you about not to add the promotional banners in the starting of the content because it can irritate the reader and he can directly put your email to the junk mailbox. But, if you will place the single drawing or a single picture, it will make the things attractive and the reader will think about your offer. Adding graphics does not mean that you should use the graphics again and again because rejection can also irritate the reader.

Be very clear:

Don’t even try to confuse your reader. You should tell your reader what you want him to do. Suppose, you have added a link in the content and you want you reader to click on the link, then you should mention ‘Click on the link’. Or, if you want your reader to call you. Include ‘Call you’ within the content. If the things will be clear, the reader will know what you want him to do. This is the step, which will directly increase the lead generation.

Add an attractive ‘Subject line’:

One of the first things, which the reader will look, is the subject line. Yes, obviously, the reader will first read the subject line and then only he/she will read the mail. If the mail does not have a good subject line, the reader will definitely ignore the email. So, use an attractive subject line within the mail.


In layman’s language, if you will incorporate the above-mentioned rules in your campaign, you will definitely get the high lead generations. In this way, the emailing can be happy for you because it will bring happier results for you under the name of lead generation. Grab the opportunity and follow the above-mentioned tips and tricks.

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