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An Excellent Alternative to Radiology Prior Authorization


The process of radiology prior authorization is to help support compliance with a proper previous evidence-based guideline which is used to reduce the risk in the treatment. Bone Mineral Density test, MRI/MRA, CT scans, PET scans, Stress Echocardiograms, Nuclear Cardiology all this radiology test requires faster prior authorization, as all this test deal with serious health issues which requires a faster treatment.  According to AMA survey done on 1000 patients care physicians, nearly 64% stated for a prior authorization process they had to wait for one business day for insurer’s decisions and the 30% said waiting for the same for three business days.

The process of prior authorization is frustrating to almost all physicians as it takes almost their valuable time and shifts focus from patients care. The process requires a lot of patience with proper knowledge of the workflow and continuous follow up, which is why healthcare providers find outsourcing as more cost and time saving effective method for the prior authorization process.

Though the benefit of outsourcing not only helps in reduction in the overall cost and stress but also help healthcare organization focus more on the patients care. With the rising demand for faster and effective prior authorization workflow demand of outsourcing of prior authorization also increasing. Today the main problem of healthcare providers is finding the right outsourcing solution.

Sunknowledge Service Inc an outsourcing organization serving more than 100 clientele list including Medtronic, specialized in such prior authorization services “PriorAuth Online”. ‘PriorAuth Online’ provide operational transparency with a reduction in errors, denials and duplication.

Prior Authorization for Radiology

Why Sunknowledge Service Inc?

Sunknowledge Service Inc is a 100% HIPAA compliant working more than 10 years not only serve excellent prior authorization service with 100% Prior authorization submission on the same day but also increase your current prior authorization rate by 1.5-2x. Apart from prior authorization it also caters standalone/end to end services for:

  • Rx Order Entry
  • Patient demographics & insurance entry
  • Product Code/Rx & Dx Entry
  • Eligibility verification/Authorization
  • Collection of complete Rx
  • Collection of documents for Auth approval
  • Submission
  • Rejection/denial management
  • A/R Follow-up

Other benefits of Sunknowledge:

  • 24*7 dedicated account manager with identification
  • Customized reporting daily/weekly/monthly support with excellent account management
  • 99% accuracy rate with instant 80% reduction in operational cost
  • No adjustments or write-offs without client consent
  • No binding contract

Contact us:

With a pool of trained resources Sunknowledge will provide you with quality and affordable solution to streamline operation in order to increase profitability. For more information call Sunknowledge expert over a ‘no commitment call’ and ease your tension for all your radiology prior authorization problems.

Contact us : Friend.seocompany@gmail.com Contact - +92-3157325922 (Whatsapp)

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