Alternative Investments That Can Bring in Significant Earnings


Amassing wealth is just one piece of the puzzle, seeing as how the issue of what you do with it, later on, turns out to be just as important. This will now only help your assets passively multiply but also protect their value from changing economic trends. The problem with investments, in general, lies in the fact that most people aren’t aware of all the options that one has available. In fact, all they know about is the investment in stocks, real estate or precious metals, which, although somewhat diverse, still tends to be both rigid and restrictive. With that in mind, here are several alternative investments that can bring in significant earnings.

Trading currencies

Trading currencies or forex trading is the trend where you use your own currency to buy another one. Now, in theory, the current value of your purchase doesn’t bring you any profit, seeing as how your assets only change form but not the value. On the other hand, by buying a currency that has a trend of growth you stand to earn a small fortune. Moreover, by investing in a currency that’s less volatile than your own (inflation-wise), you’re making your assets more secure. Either way, this form of investment isn’t as easy as it sounds and it requires you to do some homework on the topic, as well as to look for adequate digital tools to help you out.

Buying diamonds

Earlier on, we talked about investing in precious metals, however, a smart diamond investment can sometimes be a far superior option. Like precious metals, diamonds help you diversify your portfolio, due to the fact that this commodity is protected from traditional financial markets and doesn’t abide by the same rules. As for the means of amassing even more wealth, diamonds are currently on a steeper value rise than gold and silver, which is a reason enough to invest on its own. Finally, they’re more compact (value-wise), making it easier for you to transport and store them.

Infrastructure investment

Depending on the amount of money that you have, you can invest in infrastructure on your own or pool your resources with other investors. Needless to say, this is an interesting alternative to investing in residential and commercial property. Moreover, due to the fact that you stand to benefit from income payments, the way in which you profit is similar to owning a residential property. Keep in mind, however, that this field of investment is heavily regulated, meaning that you need to get acquainted with all the rules that it abides by.

P2P lending

Peer-to-peer lending is an alternative to buying stocks, seeing as how your money is used to help entrepreneurs that really need it. Aside from doing an altruistic thing, you also stand to make more money than by keeping it in the savings account. In fact, if successful, this investment could return you as much as 9 percent. Keep in mind, nonetheless, that it’s far more likely that your returns will be in the 5 percent rage, which is still a superior alternative to keeping the money in the savings account.

Buying art

Lastly, you could always try to earn some money by investing in art. While some may say that this is a risky investment, the fact is that the potential ROI is so great that it’s definitely worth it. Think about it, buying a piece from an aspiring artist might end up being an investment of a lifetime. Keep in mind, nonetheless, to find an advisor familiar with art investments and heed their counsel. The quality of work, the potential of the artist as well as the international art scene may be too much for you to watch out for, on your own.

In conclusion

At the end of the day, the above-listed five ideas, although outside-of-the-box, definitely aren’t that dissimilar to the traditional forms of investment we’ve mentioned in the introduction. Investment in infrastructure is a similar concept to invest in real estate, while an investment in diamonds is not unlike an investment in precious metals. However, don’t just assume that your previous investment experiences translate into this new field. Do your research and prepare yourself properly for every new investment!

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