Alex Mendieta – Public Speaking

Alex Mendieta – Public Speaking

“I’ve come to realize, and there is no point me teaching other what I do, I am just creating my own future competitors” – this is what Alex Mendieta had to say about public speaking in 2016. One of the most controversial speakers of his time, Alex Mendieta, had stopped public speaking for a long time. However, he has recently expressed his desire to make a comeback. Yes! Alex Mendieta has expressed his desire to continue with public speaking. He even confided in the interviewer that he wants to donate all the fees he gets through Charity’s sessions.


Not the one to stay mum


Alex Mendieta is not a typical public speaker. His views have often been termed as ‘controversial’ and not catering to the masses. He has a lot to say about the things that are considered ‘conventional.’ He believes that being ‘politically correct’ is a scam. Those who claim to be one end up taking away the rights of the masses. He believes that no one is free to express their views if it clashes with the ones with lefties’ views about society. Perhaps, Alex Mendieta left public speaking since he believes that society is weak. According to him, the government has made a weak decision where the powers now reside with the minority. He believes that the minority do not contribute to society. They don’t pay taxes and complain. Alex Mendieta has previously mentioned in his public speaking sessions that politicians should shift their focus from appeasing the minority in order to form a strong society. 


Blunt but charitable


Just because Alex Mendieta is blunt as a public speaker does not mean that he is a rough man. Back in 2016, he donated all of his funds to charity. At first, he donated his money to the ‘Clown Doctor’s’ charity. It is a part of the Humour Foundation. This charity helps Elder Clowns step in and bring joy in the lives of the elderly and children admitted to hospitals. He may have had the typical bad boy image in the media, but he has donated all of his earnings through public speaking to this charity from 2013 – 2016. 


Apart from that, he empathizes with children and wishes that they have a bright future. He has started two self-funded charities. The first one is called ‘Give a child a bike.’ It pledges to donate 500 bikes each year to the kids in Vietnam. This ensures that they do not have to walk bare-feet for miles and can ride their bikes to schools. The next charity is to help and support international students. It helps them to advance their final university studies.  


For now, you can only hope that Alex Mendieta keeps his promise and makes a come-back to the public speaking domain. If he does, he will be helping out a lot of unfortunate people. All you can do is to keep a close eye on him in the year 2021. 

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