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Accessories for iPad: 10 Best iPad Accessories to Buy In 2020


If you are looking to buy a tablet device, you can hardly do better than an iPad. An iPad is a great device for productivity, entertainment, and completing tasks.

But to really make the most out of this fantastic device, you need to get the best accessories to accompany it.

So what are the best iPad accessories? Which ones are worth your money?

iPad accessories are a great way to improve your experience of your iPad.

We’ve put together this detailed guide to help you decide on which accessories to buy.

The Guide to the Best iPad Accessories

We encourage you to invest in these iPad accessories to make the most out of your experience with your iPad.

Here are the best iPad accessories:

1. Docking Station

It’s not advisable to have your iPad lying around just anywhere. You want to invest in a docking station to place your iPad on when not in use. We also suggest looking into a great stand for an iPad Pro.

These docking stations are great for keeping your iPad in place and are also great for when you need to charge your iPad.

You can also find a great docking station that can hold other devices such as your iPhone – making it a great option for keeping all of your Apple devices in one place.

2. A Multiple Port USB Charger

Another great accessory for iPad users is a multiple port USB charger. This accessory will let you charge your iPad along with other USB devices such as your iPhone and your MacBook simultaneously.

These are affordable and are a great option for charging all of your devices at once.

We also recommend always having backup chargers for your iPad. You should have at least one regular charger to keep around your home or office. If you travel frequently, you may wish to invest in a travel charger.

3. An Apple Pencil Holder

An Apple Pencil is a great accessory to use with your iPad. But you should also consider an Apple Pencil holder.

This can be a slim holder that can be stuck to your iPad case with the use of an adhesive. We suggest looking around but choose one that has a long warranty so you can ensure that it sticks on your case for a long time.

4. USB-C to HDMI Adapter

If you wish to play videos from your iPad and view it on an external monitor, such as a television, then you need to invest in a USB-C to HDMI Adapter.

While there are many options available, one of the best is created by Lention. All you have to do is plug in the adapter and it will immediately start working without needing any additional software installation.

Otherwise, when choosing your adapter, make sure you choose one that has a high-resolution option.

5. A Wall Mount

Especially if you use your iPad to watch videos or blast audio throughout your living room or office, you want to keep it on a wall mount. A wall mount is also a great alternative if you don’t always want to keep it on a docking station or leaving it lying on a table.

One great wall mount is designed by Elago. This wall mount gives access to the iPad and treats it as a home automation hub and an entertainment hub. It’s very easy to install and is an affordable accessory.

6. A Smart Keyboard

A smart keyboard makes working on your iPad much easier. You can purchase an affordable wireless keyboard and type much faster than using your iPad’s touch keyboard.

You may also want to look into a smart keyboard that has a stand. This way you don’t have to be hunched over your keyboard while typing. If you do invest in a smart keyboard, then you should definitely keep your iPad on a stand.

7. A Smart Mouse

You can even use a mouse for your iPad. You can find a mouse that connects to your iPad via Bluetooth. If you use your iPad regularly for work and prefer working from a desk, you definitely want to compliment this with your smart keyboard and a smart mouse.

We suggest using a mouse that is made by Apple but you will surely find a mouse from another brand that will also be effective.

8. A Power Bank

A power bank is a portable charger. Unlike a charger, you don’t have to plug this into the wall. Your power bank is charged ahead of time. When you need to charge your iPad, you can plug it in directly to your power bank.

Power banks come with different lasting capabilities. You want to choose one that can last longer and charge your iPad for as long as possible. Ideally, you also want one that you can easily fit into your pocket or inside a travel bag.

9. A Great Case

Of course, you absolutely should purchase a case for your iPad. In fact, if you haven’t bought an iPad, you should order your case at the same time that you purchase your iPad.

You should always opt for one that is durable and long-lasting. Do not opt for a cheap case that will wear easily. You should look for a leather case, ideally. You can also by a hardened shell case for the iPad.

If you plan on taking your iPad with you on the go, you should look into an iPad case where you can place pens, notes, cards, and other work items in the case.

10. A Screen Protector

Finally, you should opt for a screen protector. In case you drop your iPad, you want to make sure that your screen doesn’t crack.

As with a case, don’t opt for the cheapest option. Choose one that has a hardened surface such as a matte finish, to ensure that there is a small likelihood of your glass cracking if your iPad is dropped.

Enhance Your iPad Experience

Now that you know the best iPad accessories, you’re ready to enhance your iPad experience. Make sure you invest in the accessories that are best for your needs to enjoy greater productivity on your iPad.

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