A step towards digitisation is welcome

The engineers have always focused on various technologies that can help mankind live a better and safe life and one more addition to their success is artificial intelligence. AI or artificial intelligence forms the simulation or imitation of human intelligence processes via machines, particularly computer systems. In these processes are included learning that is the attainment of information and laws for utilising the information, reasoning that takes in laws to arrive at approximate and clear-cut conclusions, and also self-correction. Specific uses of artificial intelligence take in machine vision, speech recognition, and expert systems.

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The advantages:

Countries like India shall reap huge advantage from the utilisation of artificial intelligence companies in India by concentrating on sectors for example infrastructure, manufacturing, agriculture, healthcare etc. One more domain India needs to concentrate on happens to be the utilisation of artificial intelligence defence. Several issues like money laundering, tax evasion etc. shall be with ease dealt with utilising artificial intelligence.

The government also has got a vital role to play in encouraging artificial intelligence research amid the scientific community in India. India is needed to reskill the existing workforce because a lot of skills shall become irrelevant in the coming times by making use of artificial intelligence solutions. There happens to be a huge possibility for India to outshine in artificial intelligence area such as IT. The neighbouring country, China, is making an investment of 2.1 billion dollars in making an artificial intelligence research park.   

The sectors to be used in:

The task force for the artificial intelligence has of late put forth a report three that highlights the condition of artificial intelligence within several highly influential sectors in the country like defence, agriculture, financial services, and manufacturing plus the leading challenges confronted by these sectors. Moreover, it offers several recommendations for the Indian government to expand the cause of artificial intelligence or AI-driven economic development.

In the budget of 2018, the government showed its intent in the direction of making an investment in research in the newest domains such as robotics and artificial intelligence as the portion of a wider technology drive with regard to the digitisation of the country- India. 4 NITI or national institution for transforming India, it is the think tank of the Indian government, was provided with the task of setting up a national programme to carry out development and research in the aforementioned and various other novel age technologies.

The number of companies in India taking up AI or artificial intelligence is thought to see multiple increases by the turn of the decade. As per a new report put forth by Intel India, by the end of 2020, the percentage of companies within India utilising artificial intelligence will nearly reach seventy per cent.

The report revealed by IDC or International Data Corporation on the behest of Intel India surveyed one hundred ninety –four organisation throughout four verticals like retail and healthcare, banking and insurance, media and telecom. In the survey, it was discovered that their developing interest in artificial intelligence is hoped to witness enhancing the investment in the area in the coming eighteen months.

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