CBD, hemp, and cannabis industries have flourished since the 2018 Farm Bill allowed industrial hemp to be grown in most circumstances. In five years, it is expected that the hemp industry alone will grow threefold. Approximately $1.9 billion will be generated by hemp and CBD in 2020, growing to $6.9 billion by 2025, according to the 2021 Hemp and CBD Industry.

Public relations and marketing for cannabis were hardly present a few years ago. Cannabis and CBD were unsure of their legal status at that time. 

Here are the top tips that will help a cannabis brand integrate public relations and marketing.

Managing crisis situations

Public relations and marketing are all about building a positive brand, but it is also crucial to strategically plan for a crisis. A brand could have an upset customer, test for too much THC in a CBD product, or find that a product has mold on it, and many other things could go wrong. Visit https://homegrowncannabisco.com/cannabis-seeds-rooms/high-thc-seeds to learn more about THC. When there is no strategy in place, things can fall apart quickly.

It is necessary to communicate clearly and quickly in crisis situations. As well as helping you navigate responses, a good publicist will be ready with a plan from the beginning. You will get ahead of any issues if and when there is a crisis when you have real-life scenarios with response plans in place.

Media sources that are traditional

Getting close to journalists, reporters, and bloggers is important as CBD, hemp, and cannabis grow in popularity. Sharing the stories of cannabis companies that we work with is crucial to their success.  Make clients appear as industry experts through media relations. Laws are being passed or timely news topics are discussed.

There was, for instance, a controversial bill that was introduced in spring of 2021. Medical marijuana had its THC levels capped. The industry would be negatively affected by these caps. The expertise in the field eventually helped expose the brand for what it is. 

Write bylined articles about topical expertise they possess that are presented to clients as thought leaders.

Think of ways to put brands at the forefront of the news cycle all day long. Be sure to take advantage of hashtag holidays as well. These days, everything has its own hashtag holiday – and cannabis is no exception! Holidays like National CBD Month, Cannabis Awareness Month, and National Hemp Day are a few of the biggest!

Opportunities to speak at events and conferences

With COVID-19 on the horizon, the event landscape has shifted for sure. Cannabis brands have always utilized industry events, expos, and conferences as a way of spreading name recognition.  Keep an eye on all the key expos and leadership conferences. After that, find the most appropriate speaking opportunities to showcase the expertise of the clients.

Keep an eye out for changing trends in the world and as technology continues to develop. It was known that the new audio-based social media app, Clubhouse, would provide another channel for clients to be recognized as industry experts in 2021. 

Media on social networks

Cannabis, hemp, and CBD industries have become huge, but instead of being included in traditional advertising, they remain out of reach. But if done correctly, social media can still be a powerful tool for promoting cannabis brands. Creating a content calendar for your clients is an important step in developing a strategy as a public relations professional in the cannabis industry.

Ensure you’re tuned into the latest trends and news, include hashtag holidays, and then create content that encourages contacts to get in touch. Select the holidays aligned with the brand when selecting hashtag holidays. CBD brands may offer promotions during National CBD Month, or medical marijuana companies may announce giveaways during 4/20.

You can also take advantage of social media influencers to circumvent social media advertising limitations. Throughout the team’s career, they’ve developed relationships and worked with micro- and macro-influencers, working on topics such as cannabis, fashion, beauty, food and travel, as well as lifestyle topics.

Consumer packaged goods affiliate marketing

If a brand is selling consumer packaged goods, affiliate marketing can be a powerful supplement to its PR efforts. With more consumers turning to e-commerce and content creators searching for new revenue streams, affiliate marketing has become increasingly relevant. Affiliate marketing is probably a part of your daily life, and you might not even notice.

Adding affiliate links to a roundup story is now often required by many journalists. Identifying timely angles and promotions is a key aspect of affiliate marketing. Despite the fact that the story appears to be traditional media, you may notice a disclaimer stating the author may receive compensation or affiliate commissions when you click on the links.

Final words

In order to attract potential customers, partners, retailers, and investors, one must be equipped to navigate the CBD, hemp, and cannabis industries. Are you ready to integrate public relations and marketing into the overall plan of your cannabis, hemp, or CBD brand? Check out this strategy from https://homegrowncannabisco.com/.

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