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Schooling is a quintessential part of sustenance for every infant to be a man for himself. However, with the increasing feud between time and work, it is imperative that parents provide the best-guiding means for their ward(s) for his future. And in order to meet the entire package of enabling the child into a civilized human being, Boarding school is the only alternative and with the best cbse girls boarding schools in Dehradun, you shall be able to ensure a bright future of your child.

Why Boarding School?

Boarding School is in the true sense “A Second Home” only with a bit of strictness and more of self-sufficiency. A taste of real life as many would call it, from the nascent stage. Be it attending classes on time, having stringent timings for meals, returning back to your hostel on time or doing your own stuff like washing clothes, tidying the room and even sharing the room with another. All this gives you the sense of adaptability and sharpening your survival instincts and risk-taking. You can only rely on yourself!


Two Categories of Boarding Schools:

  • Therapeutic
  • College Preparatory

Therapeutic Schools:

They focus on providing a sustainable environment and the psychological rehabilitation and bolster youngsters need to defeat reckless conduct.

College Preparatory Schools:

They focus on college preparation. Wards who are a part of such schools must finish all educational modules that train them for good college admissions and excellence. These schools proffer high-level courses, for example, Advanced Placement (AP), enrolment classes (dual) etc.

Three Categories of College Preparatory  Schools:

  • Religious
  • Military
  • General.

Military Boarding Schools:

They keep up an organized and upright condition, and they showcase students discipline, combat training, and administration. Students who go to these schools can be directly selected for the army on a performance basis.

Religious Boarding Schools:

They showcase students a specific religion and urge them to rehearse it as a part of their lives. Students who move on from here are likewise expected to set off for college and they are not influenced to enter the service field.

They believe Religion as a “way of life” and are taught to do good to others.

General Boarding Schools:

On the contrary to the prior types, general boarding schools follow the core academic syllabi. Such a school is best suited for a highly accomplished student with a vocation objective.

Pros and Cons:

  • Pros:

Broader focus: These schools have small classes which influence teachers to teach and students to inculcate and nurture information better.

Self-Sufficiency: They enable you to look after yourself entirely and adapt in any unforeseen circumstance.

  • Cons:

Expensive: Your economy defines your investment. Keeping all facilities in mind, boarding schools are expensive.

Boarding School Syndrome: Depending on the psychology of the ward, this happens only when the ward cannot adapt to the transition from a warm abode to a stranger home-school.

Overall, boarding schools have been curated in the best interests of the ward especially when both the parents cannot afford time for the child. However, they develop the best citizens to stride on this planet! Enrolling your child in the best girls boarding school in Dehradun will pave way for a better and brighter future.