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A Beginner’s Guide to Mastering Microsoft Excel


Microsoft Excel is the most popular spreadsheet software in the world, and in the corporate world it’s the most widely used piece of the Microsoft Office Suite.

Excel is known for its versatility – It’s not necessarily the tool the expert uses for many tasks, but it’s one of the only applications that can do almost anything. Excel is a Swiss army knife, in other words.

  • The Incredible Versatility of Excel

If you’re not familiar with Excel, you might think it’s a tool for accountants and number crunchers, and that’s about it. But this couldn’t be further from the truth.

Any time you need to bring together a collection of numbers or text, Excel can do the job. The cell-based nature of Excel means that grouping and storing data in understandable form is easy. Whether it be a list of any kind or a more complicated data table, Excel helps you make sense of your information.

But that’s just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to Excel’s power. Excel also lets you perform calculations and modifications on your data. With a simple formula, you can create sums and averages, highlight high and low values within a data set, and do just about anything else you want with a grouping of data. When it comes to making sense of large groups of figures, Excel is hard to beat.

Excel is also outstanding for data visualization. You might be giving a presentation or showing your work to someone else, or merely trying to understand your data better yourself. In either case, Excel allows you to easily create a range of charts, graphs and other data visualization patterns to help make your data come to life.

Yet another valuable use for Excel is exporting data from other sources into a usable form. It’s easy to pull raw data from the internet into Excel where it can be chopped apart and reorganized to your specifications. For example, you could pull historical stock market data right off the web into Excel and perform any calculations you wanted.

  • A Game Plan for Mastering Excel

One of the best options for learning Excel quickly and efficiently is tapping into the knowledge and experience of a qualified specialist at Excel. These experts can assist from anything from teaching you a specific task or function to improving your overall Excel skills.

The benefit to using an Excel specialist is that they can tailor your learning experience both to your level of familiarity with Excel and also to the future tasks you’ll be needing it for. This allows you to focus on exactly what’s useful to you and learn it at an appropriate pace.

Working with an Excel expert allows you not only to absorb the concepts and techniques you’re learning, but also getting feedback and being able to ask questions and get answers in real-time. Once you’ve learned a concept, you can then practice it under the watchful eye of the specialist, who can correct any issues or expand on the techniques to increase your mastery.

With the help of Excel specialists, you should be able to branch out quickly and advance your knowledge of Excel to the point where you can begin harnessing its power at work and for your own purposes.

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