A Basic Guide on the Different Types of SEO


    Is your business wondering how to gain more traffic online?

    If so, there’s a compelling argument for the use of SEO, or search engine optimization. Companies large and small can benefit from this practice that improves both searchability and visibility—and then some. SEO is essential for all establishments, but why?

    The various types of SEO do more than you’d think.

    They build a foundation of trust and credibility for your business. They improve your users’ experience (UX), making them more likely to turn to you when in need of a product or service. They also increase traffic and engagement, bringing you sustainable customers.

    But what are the different SEO types you should know? We explain below.

    On-Page SEO

    On-page SEO deals with things that are, as the name suggests, on the page.

    That includes specific web pages on your site (such as your Contact page, About Us page, blog page, etc.) and what type of content you’re currently offering. Content refers to informative blog posts that establish authority in your niche.

    It also deals with the aspects of HTML, which is how you’ll improve your UX. That involves making your site more navigable, whether on desktop or mobile, and more.

    Off-Page SEO

    Off-page SEO covers search engine optimization that’s off the site—meaning things that affect your site’s ranking but don’t reside on the page itself.

    How do others view your site? Are there any authoritative sites that link to your own as a reputable source? Do people mention your name, product, or service in a favorable way?

    All these things affect off-page SEO and how your webpage appears in the search engine results pages, commonly referred to as SERPs.

    White, Black, and Gray Hat SEO

    SEO, as you know by now, wears many hats. Some of those hats are even labeled as such and divided into three categories: white, black, and gray.

    White hat SEO refers to SEO that follows ethical guidelines. It’s done in the “correct” way that follows search engine guidelines deemed appropriate by crawling pages such as Google.

    Black hat SEO is just the opposite: SEO practices that are on the riskier side. Its practices work (and work well) for a certain amount of time—before not working anymore. Black hat SEO can range from illegal activity, such as hacking, to simply skeptical activity.

    Finally, gray hat SEO is that middle ground between black and white. It means that a business transitions from using white hat to black hat SEO (and back again), or it can mean using a mix of the two.

    For These Types of SEO, Use One or Use Them All for More Effectiveness

    Whether you offer products or services, and whether your establishment is big or small, these types of SEO provide a world of benefits.

    When one option is used alone, it can provide ample visibility, garnering you desirable results. But when all SEO types are used in tandem (minus black hat, of course), your company will surely notice a measurable difference in sales. Be sure to analyze specific metrics to determine what’s working and what’s not.

    Are you wondering about more ways to improve your operation?

    Keep scrolling our page for more business-related articles aimed at helping you succeed!

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