7 Ways to Increase Workflow Efficiency

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With most of the world either working from home or adjusting to new workplace protocols, it can be difficult to develop a steady groove. We may be distracted by our pets, or we spend more time picking out our takeout lunch than we do on our official tasks.

Increasing workflow efficiency could be the key to a better Small business. It takes a bit of concentration and grunt work, but it’s worth it once you get the hang of it.

You may be asking how to improve workflow efficiency. There’s no need to sweat because we have the answers. Below are 7 ways to improve your business’s workflow.

1. Keep Things Clean

Whether you’re managing a few floors worth of offices or just a handful of desks, keep things clean. A clean environment will lessen the number of distractions and takes the responsibility of tidying up off of your hands.

Develop a list of standards for cleanliness, and share them with your employees. These standards can include throwing away all garbage at the end of the workday, wiping down counters in the breakroom, or having a general standard of appearance for everyone’s desk.

Don’t forget to lead by example and follow these standards yourself!

2. Prioritize Tasks

Many of us spend so much time on medial tasks that we completely ignore the important tasks. Increase workflow productivity by prioritizing your tasks each day, week, and/or month.

Completing spreadsheets for your boss is probably more important than figuring out what color highlighters to order for the office. Once you complete your major task of conquering Excel, feel free to move on to ordering office supplies.

Creating forms can seem intimidating, and that may be why you’re putting it off. For a little extra help, check out Logiforms. It’s a super-easy way to create and distribute important forms throughout the office.

3. Delegate Tasks

You’d be surprised by the improvement of workflow automation once you start delegating important tasks to different team members. The important part is understanding and identifying everyone’s strengths and weaknesses.

Write down all of the tasks you need to completed and make note of the different skills needed to complete each one. Do you need someone that understands how to run Instagram, or are they going to be developing a proposal? Do you need someone better with words or numbers?

Once you figure all of this out, delegate the tasks. Tell everyone what they’re working on, and let them know when you need the task completed. If possible, take time to meet with each team member individually to answer any questions.

4. Create a Team Structure

If you’re in charge of a large number of employees, make things easier for everyone by developing a team structure. Designate team leaders and let them know who will be reporting to them.

This will save people the trouble of constantly tracking you down, and you’ll have more time to complete your tasks. It also creates a strong sense of teamwork and responsibility within the workplace.

Hold weekly team meetings and meet with the team leaders. Check in to see how their teams are doing, and adjust the teams as you go.

5. Create Incentives

As silly as it seems, creating small incentives within the office encourages everyone to work hard and aim high. The incentive can be as big as a paid trip to Mexico or as simple as buying everyone coffee if the majority of the office reaches their goals.

People want something to work towards, typically in the form of instant gratification. Plus, who wouldn’t want to put in a little extra time on Tuesday to win a free lunch on Friday?

Showing your office you care in small yet effective ways will only help you in the long run.

6. Meet Regularly With Employees

You’ll quickly notice an increase in office productivity by developing direct lines of communications with all of your employees. Taking the time to meet with everyone on an individual basis, if time allows, will give them the chance to address concerns or ask questions.

When meeting with each person, you’ll be able to closely evaluate their progress, pick out potential problems, or ease any of their anxieties. Many people find themselves not doing well at their job because they’re too afraid to ask questions.

Once you initiate several interactions, everyone will find it easier to approach you first. This will save time by fixing any possible mistakes before they happen.

As an extra tip, take care of your employees by showing them support. Ask them how they’re feeling because you never know when someone may be facing problems at work due to situations at home.

7. Interrupt as Little as Possible

The more interruptions you cause, the more people will fall behind on their workflow. Create as few interruptions as possible throughout the week, and always give plenty of warning if you do have to interrupt the workday.

If you have to hold a meeting, decide when is best for the majority, and keep the meeting as concise as you can. Set a weekly time to meet so everyone knows ahead of time when to be finished with their tasks.

Do you have information to share outside of your weekly meeting? Consider creating email newsletters or establishing a communal message board for employees to regularly check.

Talk with everyone and see what works best for them.

Improve Workflow Efficiency With the Tips Above

Workflow efficiency is crucial when running a successful business. By keeping people on track, you won’t have to worry about wasting any money or time.

You can increase Video Marketing in 2021 by creating different teams within the office, regularly cleaning the space, and keeping interruptions to a minimum. You’ll also notice a quick difference in productivity when you regularly meet with staff.

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