7 Tips on How to Build Brand Awareness

Yes, you can create great ads and perfect landing pages, but if your brand awareness isn’t there, then you’re not going to receive as much business as you’d like.

Learning how to build brand awareness is a tricky process. If you’re just starting out, the way you build your brand awareness is going to be what sticks with your business throughout its existence.

If you’ve had your business for a while but haven’t focused on brand awareness, it could be the thing that helps you grow.

If you’re curious about building brand awareness, read on for 7 of the best tips.

What Is Brand Awareness?

Before you begin cultivating brand awareness, you should recognize what it is. In the simplest of terms, it’s your company’s promise to its customers.

So, what do you want that promise to be? How can you go about implementing it? That’s where building brand awareness comes in. Here’s how you can do it.

1. Create a Custom Hashtag

A custom hashtag might sound hokey, but it isn’t if you do it right. Creating something witty, fun, and fresh will get your content noticed every time.

It’s also a great way to involve your customers and clientele! Encourage everyone to use the hashtag if they post about your business on social media.

2. Involve Your Audience

Custom hashtags aren’t the only way to involve your audience.

This is where things can get personal with your brand. Maybe you have a story that you tell people when you talk about your business, but so do others.

Asking your customers for their stories and experience with your brand is the perfect way to build awareness while involving your audience. These stories can then be told on social media or posted to your website (with permission, of course).

You can also post customer reviews and testimonies.

3. Email Marketing

Email marketing campaigns can take on many forms that don’t only involve a weekly coupon catalog.

It can be another place where you go to tell your customer stories. It can take on the form of a weekly newsletter, and it can even be a place where you use your platform to promote other businesses.

This method of brand awareness is called partnership marketing. Its purpose is to create a mutually beneficial campaign for all parties involved. This is perfect if your brand promotes or targets a certain way of living since you can recommend similar companies to your audience.

4. Take It Outdoors

This tip is best used if you have a brick-and-mortar location to advertise from.

Because you have a physical space to use, you can invest in things like outdoor banner flags and other signs that are bound to catch people’s attention.

5. Content Creation

This is where search engine optimization (SEO), target audiences, social media, email campaigns, and other modes of marketing collide.

If you have a buyer persona that you can target, then creating content is going to be effective for your brand. Popular forms of content creation include videos, targeted advertisements, free product or trial promotions, and even blogs.

Content creation takes the most research, but it also develops the most clicks, views, and awareness for your brand its purpose.

6. Kick It With the Publications

Reach out to local publications and ask if they’ll write about your company’s news or events you might be having in the future. If they say no to a particular story, ask if you can keep them updated through your press releases!

There is a certain finesse you have to have with this tip, however. First, you need to make sure any press releases are going to the right person (you don’t want restaurant news going to the sports reporter!). Second, you have to limit the amount you send.

Annoy a journalist and you’ve lost pretty much any chance of being published. Give them the same experience you’d give a customer and they’ll love working with you!

Put simply: Be nice, be prompt, be flashy. This will get you noticed every time.

7. Build an Experience

This one is last because it incorporates all of the above, and it also takes the longest to establish. From the very beginning of your brand awareness journey, you have to decide how you want your customers to remember their experience.

That experience then needs to be fleshed out to every part of the process. From the Instagram advertisement to the confirmation email, you have to keep things consistent and orderly.

Take Disney for example. If you stay at any one of its resorts, you pretty much know what you’re going to expect. Magic, friendly faces, and more magic.

Now think about restaurant franchises. They have the name of a large company, but you aren’t guaranteed the same experience from location to location. Not every owner has the same vision for the restaurant, and this creates inconsistency.

Do you want your company to be known for its inconsistency? Didn’t think so.

Keep These Tips in Mind When Learning How to Build Brand Awareness

When you’re first learning about how to build brand awareness, these tips are the best to keep in mind. Create a list of your goals and then work to incorporate these tips into them.

Rearrange and customize in a way that fits your business, but still keeps everyone happy! You’re sure to please all the parties involved in the process.

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