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7 of the Most Common Commercial Roof Repairs

Are you wondering if your commercial roof needs repairing?

Roof repairs are not something to be put off or taken lightly. The roof is what keeps you, your coworkers, and your business safe and dry.

If you do not pay attention to the signs your roof needs repairs, then it can result in serious and expensive damage.

Do not worry, we are here to help! In order to catch the signs, you need to know the seven most common commercial roof repairs.


Many environmental factors can contribute to puncture holes on your roof. The most common causes are storms where there is high wind, hail, debris, branches, or stray materials.

Something you should do when a storm is coming is to check the flashing sealant around vents, chimneys, and pipes.

If punctures are not fixed, they can result in leaks and further damage.


The roof membrane, which is under the shingles, acts as a protectant against weather and temperature. When shrinkage occurs, you risk being exposed to the elements.

When the membrane starts to shrink, it causes the outer layers to start breaking. This is usually caused by aging or extreme UV exposure.


Blisters are caused by confined moisture or air under the layers of roofing or inside the shingles. The most common cause of blistering is a poor roof ventilation system.

Repairing blisters is essential. If left untreated, it can expand to the point where you need replacement.

Flashing Issues

If your flashing is not properly installed, it can lead to breaking, and lead to leaking.

Flashing is one of the roofing issues that can be easily repaired with roofing cement.


If your roof is not properly secured to the substratum, it can result in the roof being uplifted and flying off due to high winds.

The roof specialists at Far West Roofing Company are skilled in repairing blow-offs.

Poor Drainage

Sitting water or snow on your roof is a problem. All of the moisture of rain and snow will be sitting on your roof, causing it to droop or even collapse.

If you are experiencing this problem, you need to look up “roof repair near me.” You need to have a professional install a good drainage system.


Leaking is the most common roofing problem. If any kind of water or moisture gets into the structure of your roof, there is a chance of molding.

Common roof repairs dealing with leaking are replacing the roof vent, tearing off old roofing shingles, and replacing the damaged roof deck patch.

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Getting commercial roof repairs

If you have any of the common roofing issues listed above, it is time for you to call a commercial roofing specialist.

Keeping your business safe means keeping your livelihood safe. Repairing a roof by yourself is not likely, so call a specialist at Far West Roofing Company today to talk about your roofing problems and get an estimate!

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