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7 Marketing Strategies You Thought Would Be Harder Than They Are


Usually, the only thing that’s easy about marketing strategies is how easily they can discourage you. A lot of times, no matter what methods you use or how hard you try, your efforts seem wasted. You can go a whole year without seeing any improvement.

Wow, we’re sorry about that. We didn’t mean for that to be such a downer.

Actually, we wrote this article to share some good news with you. And here it is: marketing isn’t always this hard.

Some marketing strategies are easier than others. And we’re going to share the best of these with you today. Not only that, but we’ll give you some extra tips on how you can get the most out of these strategies.

Ready to learn more? Then read this guide on how to simplify your marketing strategies.

1. Content Marketing

Content marketing is the essential building block that all marketing strategies should start with. Everything else on this list starts with this one strategy.

You need new content posted on your website blog every week. If you do this yourself, it costs you nothing. (Wow, that’s a good deal!)

And if you don’t have the time or talent to do it yourself, hire a writer or a blogging service. This still won’t cost very much.

Good content brings more people to your website and increases your authority as a brand. Also, by providing valuable content for free, you boost your audience’s opinion of your brand. From there, you can convert those satisfied audience members into paying customers.

2. Updating Content

What’s that? You already tried content marketing and it hasn’t done much good?

Well, here’s a tip that can more than double your content production without doubling your effort. Instead of spending all your content production time creating new articles from scratch, spend a little of that time updating your old content.

That outdated article you posted a year ago will probably never get hits again. Unless, that is, you update it with fresh, relevant information and post it with today’s date. Now, the updated content will get as many hits as a new article, along with the new article you just created.

Plus, updating takes only a fraction of the time it takes to produce a new article. So, instead of producing 2 articles per week, post 3 updated articles plus 1 newly-created one. It takes the same amount of effort and you get twice as many articles.

3. Repurposing Content

Next, repurpose your blog posts as content for other campaigns. That is, take the information from your blog posts, that you’ve already done the research on, and repost it as other types of media, like videos and podcasts.

Here are the most important ways to repurpose your blog posts.

Video Marketing

First, condense the important information from your blog posts (like facts, quotes, and other data) and showcase them in a video. This can be as simple as a slideshow with on-screen text or a voiceover. Or, you can film more elaborate demonstrations.

Speaking of demonstrations, that’s one way you can repurpose the other way around. That is, make demonstration videos of your products and then create a new blog post describing what happened in the video. Or, use the video in an upcoming blog post as a visual aid.

This way, each of these marketing campaigns is helping the other succeed.


Podcasts really expand your options of how to repurpose. You can turn your blog posts into a discussion or interview for a podcast.

Or, you can do the podcast first. Simply take the research you were going to write about and discuss it in a live podcast. Then, take the transcript of the podcast, tidy it up a bit with some editing, and repost it on your blog.

It’s equally as easy to turn podcasts into videos and vice versa.


Pictures tell 1,000 words. So, take your 1,000-word blog post and tell it using HD images on Pinterest, much like a slideshow. Best of all, you can use that same slideshow as a background of your next video.


Remember when we said you can condense the information of a blog post to make it a video? Well, in the same way, turn it into an infographic.

You can use the same points you illustrate in your videos. But it’s a good idea to use original or even hand-drawn images for your infographics.

4. Collect and Report Interesting Data

Here’s another way to sidestep all the effort of creating blog posts from scratch: curating. Curating is where you find top-ranking content about a certain topic and then talk about those posts on your own blog.

Here’s how it works. Pretend you’re going to create a blog post and come up with a topic. (Use keyword research tools for trending topic ideas.)

Now, search for this topic yourself. Read what industry influencers and the top-ranking search results have to say about it.

Make a list of these posts. Then, turn that list into a listicle, such as, “The Top Ten Design Ideas For Remodeling Your Kitchen.”

But you must report this information in your own words. And, be sure to credit and link to your sources or else it’s plagiarism.

5. Teach

The most valuable content is content that teaches your audience something they didn’t know but wanted to. One amazing way to do this is by teaching an online course.

Obviously, you know enough about your niche to run your business. So, simply pass on all your expert knowledge of your industry on video. Plus, you can use your own products as illustrative aids.

6. Use Technology

By this point, automation has come such a long way that it can practically do your advertising for you. Mailchimp, for example, can do most of your email marketing for you. There are plenty of automation apps for your social media campaigns, too.

Get with the times and research what tools are available to aid your existing campaigns. Some of these are even free.

7. Outsource

Besides AI, there are living, breathing people who are chomping at the bit to help your various campaigns succeed. If podcasts aren’t your thing, hire a podcast agency like Motion.

Or, if writing is the problem, hire a content service. Then, you can simply focus on repurposing what they write for you.

Whatever your weakest campaign is, stop struggling with it. Outsource it to someone else instead.

Try These Easy(ish) Marketing Strategies

For your sake, take this advice to take the stress out of marketing. Get started using these (somewhat) easy marketing strategies today.

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