6 Reasons Why Wholesalers Need an Order Management System


    When it comes to managing a business online, or an e-commerce venture, every businessperson will know that order management can turn out to be a time intensive and distracting process, especially for small businesses that have limited time on their hand. With that said, it is imperative to have an order management system, which is crucial to ensure that all customer expectations meet up. In the case with wholesale customers, this is particularly important, where a shipment with poor management will have the potential to affect a huge volume of the orders they place in the future.

    Focusing on this topic, you should understand there are several factors that have an impact on order fulfillment in Canada and management, including the lead times, inventory control, and carrier reliability. Once you are able to get these issues right, then it should be a priority in your business. The truth is that once your wholesale business’s backroom works efficiently, this will help to improve the operation of your business.

    A reliable option always is to introduce an online order management system for various wholesale customers. When choosing such solutions, you are sure to come across a plethora of benefits, but first, let’s consider a summary to why you need one.

    What Does Proper Order Management Actually Involve?

    The amazing feature of online ordering systems is that they allow your wholesale customers to approve and raise their purchase orders, and at the same time pay for various orders online. Typically, the customers will be able to generate analytics, procurement reports, and tax invoices through the order management system, such as Order Circle.

    The top benefits or reasons why you should consider using one include:

    1.     Get Your Orders Placed in One Go

    Using an order management online is highly reliable, compared to the manual process of handling sales, which involves a higher tolerance for possible errors. Ordering online can reduce the chances or frequency of errors, and ensures that businesses can develop a better reputation for reliability and efficiency. The chances of low errors also reduce the possible need to check for orders manually, and it allows you to reduce lead times.

    2.     Better Customer Experience with Improvements

    There are some customers who value wholesaler assistance during the order placement process, but other customers tend to find this something that’s inefficient. Typically, B2B customers know the products they plan to purchase and the amount they need, in several cases, they want their ordering process to move as quickly as possible. Ordering online, through smart software makes it possible for these customers to procure their inventory quickly at the same time, freeing the need to always contact the customer’s support team for assistance with any type of requirements.

    3.     Time Management and Saving

    When placing orders, the process of doing so manually can be a labor-intensive process and cause your business to spend a substantial amount of money. Ordering online reduces the time spent on processing orders initially, and it also reduces the resources you will need. For example, no need to hire or depend on the sales team, which will save more money for your business. It’s easier to place orders online and fulfilling them is easier as well. It’s possible now to have automated invoices, labels, and customer updates based on the information the customer provides.

    4.     Enhanced Inventory Management

    There’s often a lag between relevant stock changes and order placement entering into the OMS. Unfortunately, in the case of a business receiving an unexpected rise in the orders, the time between the order receiving and processing will also increase. Any form of delay will prevent you from the task of taking up additional orders.

    5.     Loyal Customers

    After you make a transaction, your job does not end there. It is your duty and responsibility to help them make the sales of the products they buy from you. Once you provide the right tools to your wholesale customers, this is a good way to tell them that you actually care and want them to be successful in their business. As things turn in the right direction, they can buy more from you, and this will make you and customers that come to you happier.

    6.     Attract New Customers

    With a smooth working system, and inventory management a breeze, definitely, the word will spread across that you have the best tool to help wholesalers with their bulk orders. If you are planning to make a reputable name, you can be sure that customers who use your services will refer it to others. This will increase the chances of attracting new customers.

    Before you turn to a wholesale selling tool, it is important that you search for the best wholesale selling tool and go through the features they have to offer.