6 reasons going green is good for consumers and businesses

The world is heading down a dangerous path. For years, we have been quite irresponsible with our actions. Firms and companies alike don’t think about the environmental impacts of their decisions. As a result of this, we are now at a point where only 1 percent of the world’s water is consumable. In China, only 1 percent of the population breathes into air deemed “safe” by the European Union. In the USA alone, on a daily basis, enough trash is produced to be equal to the weight of the Empire State Building!

It is clear that as consumers and corporations, we must make some necessary changes. This includes going green. You might have noticed that big companies like Tesla are already going green. It is time that you do so as well. Apart from reducing your role in environmental degradation, here are some reasons why going green is good for consumers and businesses.

  1.    It helps save money in the long-run

A solar sales CRM system and a corresponding solar powered company will cost you much less than the money you would spend if you rely on non-renewable energy. Yes, in the short-run, the costs might be slightly higher than traditional ways. But, in the long-run, you end up saving money.

Let’s take power generation as an example. Your company decides to go green by reducing your power consumption and by relying on solar panels instead of fossil fuel powered grid. To reduce your power consumption, you can use LED lights. Now, LED lights might cost more than conventional bulbs. But, since they last longer and consume less energy, you end up saving a lot on energy bills. The same is the case with solar panels. The cost of installation might be high. But, the lowered energy bills make up for the cost.

Renewable energy like solar or wind doesn’t cost anything. Compared to this, fossil fuel prices are expected to go up in the future. Not to mention that not all countries are equipped with the resource and you might need to import.

So, in terms of costs, going green is surely the cost-effective way in retrospect.

  1.    Consumers are becoming greener


Consumers of today are much more woke than the consumers of the past. There is a reason why there has been quite a lot of public outcry against companies that play a significant role in increasing pollution. While baby boomers were inclined to buy products based on its value to them, millennials and Gen Z’s are a different story. For them, commodities are an extension of the company that produces them. And if they don’t agree with the practices of the company, they will not avail its services.

When you are dealing with such consumer base, it is wise to go green. Or else, you might end up losing to businesses that do offer consumers what they want. This is why companies like scoop site have been able to do well. They offer a solution that is green and beneficial to the environment. Therefore, apart from perfecting your product, improve your brand image by going green.

  1.    Governments support it

Even for private sector firms, the government is a valuable player. After all, the government is the entity that gives subsidies, taxes you and makes sure that you follow regulations. There are various benefits for companies that go green because there are multiple government programs all over the world that encourage companies to do so. As an incentive, subsidies are provided to such companies. They are taxed less, and their operations are facilitated.

For anyone who runs a business, you would know that getting the government and relevant regulatory authorities on your side is crucial for a successful business.

  1.    Businesses enjoy a positive public image

A corporation is more than the products it delivers. A company is a brand. And for a brand, perception matters a lot. Regardless of whether you care about the environment or not, the masses should think that you do. After all, various studies have illustrated that consumer loyalty and retention are high for green companies.

By going green, you can make sure that your brand image is positive. This, in turn, will guarantee that you meet your bottom line. Target and Walmart both were able to realize this benefit. After taking green initiatives, they witnessed an increase in sales of 20 percent.

  1.    Consumers get better products

Capitalism has fared well for customers. It has allowed the market to be flooded with options. By going green, customers are likely to benefit more. Think about it. The customer of today is conscious about his/her impact on the environment. If businesses start going green and hence become competitive in this regard, the masses are going to benefit from having various sustainable companies and products to choose from. For the green consumers, this is bound to reinstate the lost benefit previously successfully provided by free market economies.

  1.    Consumers will be able to align their values with their consumption

Even though more and more of the world population is getting environmentally conscious. This is not enough to ensure responsible behaviour by them. This is because, at the end of the day, they have to buy products. And if there are no green businesses in the sector, then they will be forced to choose from the options available.

This might lead to dissatisfied customers that are not loyal to a company and are merely purchasing things out of compulsion. By going green with your business, you can play a part in ensuring that your customer base’s values are aligned with their consumption patterns. Your consumers are bound to appreciate this. For them, it means peace of mind. For you, it will mean a loyal customer base and high lifetime value.


Go green for the profitability of your business and the loyalty of your consumers. Now, it is a necessity. Take small steps toward it, and you will be rewarded.

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