6 Powerful Ideas For Marketing Your WordPress Product

6 Powerful Ideas For Marketing Your WordPress Product

WordPress provides people with a wide range of opportunities to earn money. Some people use the platform to create websites and then monetize them. Then there are developers who help such users acquire the interfaces they desire. There is another category of people who are generating revenue through WordPress. They are developers who are creating WordPress-based products like themes and plugins. In case, you belong to this group, then you will find this article useful. Here we are presenting some actionable ideas for marketing your WordPress product. Without an effective promotional strategy, your creation will be lost in the crowd of innumerable other similar items. It is necessary for you to plan your marketing initiative otherwise all your efforts and investment will come to naught. Let’s take a look at some powerful marketing tips that you can use to promote your product.

1. Create A Trial Offer

In case, you have visited the theme and plugin directories, you would have found similar looking products in each category. People frequent these resources to find appropriate solutions for specific issues. Before they purchase an item, they will want to ensure that it solves their problem. It is, therefore, pertinent to provide them an idea about how your creation works. Create a trial offer or a demo for your item during which people can use the product for a specified time for free. This will encourage them to try out your offering and if they find it useful, they may even decide to purchase it.

2. Use The Freemium Model To Expand Your Reach

WordPress lists all free items in relevant directories managed by the platform. You can find premium tools on other directories or developer websites. However, listing a paid product only on third-party services or own websites can restrict your reach. In order to reach out to a wider audience, you must list your offering on the relevant official directory. The best way to achieve this objective is by using the freemium model. It involves creating two versions of your product namely, free and premium. The free variant will contain all the essential features while the premium one will contain some additional valuable attributes. This will allow you to add your product to the official resource and expose it to a vast audience. Even top WordPress experts use this tactic to promote their creations.

3. Create A Series Of Related Products

Another effective tip for marketing your WordPress product is to create a series of related products. This is a long-term strategy that can pay rich dividends. Once you have built an item, find out what other products the target audience is interested in. Let’s say you create a form plugin. Now you can build an add-on that integrates a popular email marketing service with a form. You can also build another tool that connects a payment processing service with the form. These extensions can be marketed as independent products as well as addons of the form builder plugin.this will allow you to tap the same customers to generate more revenue.

4. Promote The Premium Variant Inside The Free One

You can increase revenue generation from existing clients by promoting the premium version of your creation inside the free one. For instance, the form builder plugin of your example can contain a link promoting the addon at relevant places. You can include the link on the main information page so that anyone who activates the tool will see it. Many people, once they start using the tool, realize that they need some extra features. Marketing your premium variant will encourage such users to press the link and make the additional purchase.

5. Add Your Items To As Many Online Resources As Possible

The open-source nature of the platform has led to the rise of a large community of developers and other users. There are numerous online resources that are run and frequented by WordPress enthusiasts. These people are always looking for new tools and solutions. Apart from the official directories, make sure that your creation is included on other resources as well. Such websites order the listings under various categories and also make them searchable. This means that your product can be easily found by people who are primed for conversion.

6. Use Social Media For Promotions

As a product developer, you must be having a presence on various social networks apart from your own website. Make sure your offering is promoted on all your social profiles. Mention the tool along with its main features and the link to its webpage. Take care to integrate the promotion naturally into a post. You can start by describing the problem faced by the target audience and then give a brief overview of how your item solves it. You can also include videos to showcase your item’s helpful features.


The strategies discussed in this post will help you in effectively marketing your product. These tips can also be used by agencies such as those providing WordPress developers for hire, to promote themselves.

Brandon Graves is a Sr. WordPress Expert at HireWPGeeks Ltd, a company for Converting HTML to WordPress services in a convenient manner. He is a passionate writer and loves to share WordPress relates tutorials.

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