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6 innovative ways to make use of offline marketing

In this day and age, online marketing seems to be king. After all, this is how you reach most of your clients and become one of the biggest threats in the game. Does that mean that offline marketing has been completely replaced? Does it have no use in the modern world anymore? The answer is- no, absolutely not. Regardless of how popular online marketing gets, there’s always going to be a need for advertising your firm offline. In fact, there are several ways to get the most out of your offline marketing campaign.

1. Change your packing style

Photo by Nynne Schrøder on Unsplash

If you offer a certain product that is delivered to your customers or packed in front of them, you should come up with a new packing style. Everyone can go with some wrapping paper and a box, but you should be really unique. Figure out how your product can be packed and then implement those ideas.

Packaging is something with which the customers interact right away. It’s something they’ll surely notice and remember. You can use this to your advantage and make your packaging different. If you’re creative enough, they’ll await the delivery more for the packaging than the actual product. Plus, you’ll be very memorable and will have something to set you aside from the competition.

2. Attend trade shows regularly


Trade shows and exhibitions are a great time for some offline marketing. You should always have a clear strategy in mind, regardless of if you’re attending or displaying at the trade show. Figure out what your company needs at the moment and try to gain that at the trade show. This can include new contacts, more customers, or a number of new business leads.

It’s very important for your offline marketing campaign to be present at trade regardless of needing something or not. By attending, you show that your company is always present and learning, even if it is just observing the whole thing. Your competition will know you’re watching and that you’re still in the game, ready to pounce at the right moment.

3. Celebrate the holidays

Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash

If you really want to show your customers you care about them, celebrate the holidays with them. This can easily be done through greeting cards and gifts. You can create generalized cards for all of your customers, or you can go a step further and personalize all of them. Make the gifts or cards relevant to your business, so as to remind your customers of your values.

Additionally, you can make charitable donations on behalf of your clients. That way you’ll help someone in need while earning the loyalty of every customer that has done business with you. Holidays are the time of year when everyone gets in the charity spirit, and you should take advantage of that. Plus, there’s nothing wrong with showing your community that you care about the people living in it.

4. Don’t forget about the business cards

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Though business cards may seem like the thing of the past, they’re actually still quite useful. You should get business cards for all your employees as you never know when they might come in handy. What’s more, there are a lot of business events and networks which have a separate place for business cards. Additionally, you might even stand out from the competition since most businesses have stopped using business cards completely.

It might even be worthwhile to hire a designer to make your cards. The more interesting, innovative, and creative they are- the better. They’re subtle enough not to be annoying but can be irresistible with the right design.

5. Advertise on all available surfaces

Photo by Swaminathan Jayaraman on Unsplash

No matter what people might say, outdoor advertising is still very effective. Plastering your ad on a billboard will draw some attention, but don’t forget about other available surfaces. For instance, there are a lot of fences present around town due to the ever-growing community which is filled with construction sites. This is especially true for first world countries such as the US or Australia.

That’s why creative and colourful fence wrap in Sydney has become one of the most popular ways of advertising yourself. When you see an empty fence, you can simply find out who the construction site belongs to and then call up that person. Arrange for your ad to be wrapped around their fence and watch the business roll in. People are more likely to notice your ad here because it’s not in a typical place they’re used to and ignore.

6. Get some merchandise

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There’s nothing people love more than free merchandise. Creating some merch for your company can gain a lot of customers. In fact, you can organize an event where you can hand out free pencils, hats, or even shirts. These are all inexpensive items but will mean a lot to your customers.

All of the merchandise should have your company’s name or trademark on it. This way, your customers will serve as free advertising when they’re wearing or using the things you’ve provided. What’s more, they’ll get invested in your firm, whether consciously or not. Sponsoring or creating an event where you’ll distribute free goods is a sure-fire way to earning customer loyalty and devotion.


As you can see, offline marketing is still very much present and needed in today’s world. It is the core of any good marketing campaign and can set firm grounds for an effective online marketing campaign. No matter how modern and digitalized you think the world has become, an offline marketing campaign can still be very successful if carried out correctly. These ideas will help you be on top of the process and use the full potential an offline campaign can have.

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