6 Advantages of Having LED Sign Board

When you are looking for illuminated signage for your business then you have three main choices: neon, fluorescent, and LED. Neon and fluorescent signs both have a long history and are proven reliable but LEDs have gained attention for their colorful and creative displays.

So, what type of sign is best for you? Although a city street lit with warm and glowing neon lights will surely give you a nostalgic appeal, whereas LED is the lighting of the future and there are many benefits of having LED signs for business.

Have a look at these benefits here…

Long Lasting

LEDs are known for their long life and it is true as well. Quality LEDs can last up to 50,000 to 100,000 hours which is about 3 to 6 years as compared to fluorescent and neon lights. They also outlast other bulbs as they don’t have any gases that can leak out and cause dimness. Further, LED lights also maintain the same level of brightness throughout their lifespan.

Attracting Brightness

One of the things that set LED signs apart is their eye-catching brightness. That is because the LED technology produces a brilliant yet clear light that is easily readable both close up and from a distance. Moreover, LEDs stands out boldly at night and is bright enough during sunny days.

This simply means that your customers will clearly get a glimpse of your sign’s message or logo no matter what time of day it is.

Better Appearance

If you have ever owned a neon or fluorescent sign then you know that it is hard to keep the sign fully lit with consistent brightness. It is quiet noticing that one or more lights always needs replacing or is dimmer than the rest of the sign. This can pose a problem as a dim or half-lit sign can create a poor impression on your business.

On the other hand, LEDs eliminate such problems because of their long life and efficient technology keep them illuminated much longer and more uniform than other traditional lights.

Environmental Friendly

Another key benefit of LEDs is that it uses less energy. LEDs only use about 10 watts of energy which is 80% less energy compared to neon lights. This results in less strain on the environment and helps you to adhere to stricter energy standards. Furthermore, LEDs also makes a significant reduction in your lighting costs too.

Unlike, neon and fluorescent lights, LEDs don’t have any toxic materials like mercury and argon, so it can be ‘cleanly’ recycled. LEDs also don’t heat up much, so if your signboard is indoors then you don’t have to worry about it warming up your room and increase your AC bills.

Low on Maintenance

LEDs have long lifespans, are brighter, efficient too and have a low cost of maintenance than other systems. Additionally, LEDs doesn’t contain any gasses or glass tubes which often leak or break and is easy to clean and they won’t essentially burn out.

They also work well in outdoor applications and don’t need any significant protection from other elements. Also, there are LEDs available for wet and humid areas.


As mentioned above, LEDs don’t have any tubes like neon. Usually, neon signs are usually 3-5 inches thick whereas the LED sign can be as little as 1-inch thick. This compactness often results in lower shipping and installation costs and also helps you in working in tight spaces.

So, if you are still confused about your custom sign in NYC then you can opt for LED for all these obvious reasons.

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