5 W’s Associated With SMS Marketing?

SMS Marketing

SMS provides a viable option of establishing a connection with your customers. In simply sending out bulk SMS to your customers would not help them to establish 5 WS of marketing.

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An international SMS gateway clearly outlines who you are intending to send out messages. As a marketer you need to work up your target audience first, and then only you can think of sending bulk SMS to that target audience. All product will not appeal to all users and similar would be the case with bulk SMS. To target a set of customers seems to be critical.


Then we come to the second W which refers to the content itself. Customers like short and crisp information rather than long speeches boasting about quality of a service or product. One of the main reasons why bulk SMS works is because of the content of a message. If relevant content is not provided messages is classified as spam


Then before approaching SMS gateway API, it needs to be encroached whether a marketing effort is needed or not.  A decision has to be made as what you are offering a customer would suffice his needs or not.  The message should not be solely for marketing purposes only. For sake of marketing if a bulk SMS was send a customer would not even pay heed. They would not even bother to open a message as objective of sending out message was not clear at the first place. In modern times privacy is a major issue for most people and most people consider it as some form of spam. The onus of a business is to gain trust of people who prefer opt in services.


This would connote reach of a SMS. Some pertinent questions on where the message would reach? Are there any chances of a mass appeal? If the answer is yes, then to what sort of masses is the message expected to reach. At the same time extent of the message has to be found out.


Perhaps the most critical point of the lot. The onus of a business is to send out messages at the correct time to the right audience. If a message is send out at a wrong time it would not establish an essential cord with your client base. For any SMS campaign to be successful timely delivery of messages is important. Customers should perceive it more from a value point of view as if you bombard them with unwanted messages exist they would sever ties with you. In an ideal situation the best time to send out messages would be at late night or in the wee hours of the morning. This ensures customers read the messages and encourages a faster call to action.

To cash in on the power of bulk SMS it is suggested that you link up with a SMS company of repute. There are numerous companies out in the market and do a detailed analysis before you settle in on one.

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