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5 Well-Paying Jobs That Let You Work From Home

In 2018, modern job seekers are increasingly on the hunt for opportunities which will allow them to work from home. Living busy lives and the expense of commutes is increasingly making the typical 9 to 5 office job less appealing, which means a growth in the home workers.

So, with that in mind: what are the best jobs that can help you earn a living from home?

1) Virtual Assistant

Many companies have taken the time to save employment costs in the modern day by hiring virtual assistants. This means they can remove the heavy resource of a full-time receptionist or PA, whilst paying you to work as needed. You could be setting up meetings, typing up notes or even booking a haircut depending on the day-to-day.

2) Transcriptionist

Do you have the ability to type 95 words per minute or more? Then you could make a living from transcribing. The best part about transcribing is the fact that it requires little to no actual prior experience, so this is something you could start tonight! You could find yourself transcribing anything from a university lecture to a lawyer’s dictation, whilst also choosing the hours that you work.

3) YouTuber

Do you know a thing or two about, well, anything? Then you could use this knowledge to make yourself a YouTube ‘celebrity’. The platform has, since its creation in 2005, has brought forth a whole new wave of stars that appeal modern teenagers and young adults. These people create content on anything from travelling to food, so it really is a broad spectrum for you to get into.

Of course, success doesn’t happen overnight. In fact, you won’t even see $1 until your first 1,000 views. Which may seem quite low, but if you manage to make viral content it can be a great source of income. Just be aware that this may be a time-intensive setup before you see any actual monetary gain.

4) Childcare

Do you love children? Have you ever thought about running your own small daycare out of your home? Doing so could not only be beneficial for you moneywise, but also for your friends and family who could benefit from lower rates from a person that they know.

This could even evolve to be something that helps children outside of your social circle, as you could become a become a foster carer. Children across the country are in need of people willing to take them in at any given time, many of whom come from less than ideal backgrounds. Agencies pay for these children to stay with you, so this could be a great way to both give back to your community and work from home.

5) Writing/Editing

Are you able to string a sentence together? Then you could make a living from home via a writing and editing service. Almost every business has a blog which they need to keep regularly updated, which is where you come in.  

This could easily be a side venture for any number of different jobs as well, as you could walk through sites like Fiverr to pick up jobs whenever you need to. Download apps such as Grammarly to ensure high quality and you should be set to go!

At the end of the day, plenty of people are now searching out home careers and companies are adapting to match this need. Meaning that there are plenty of work-from-home opportunities for you to find across the internet. You just have to find a skill to work towards and then find someone on the internet who is willing to pay you for it!

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