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5 Things to Consider Before Choosing a Janitorial Service


If you’re cleaning your house, renovating it, or cleaning your office space, janitorial services can make the ordeal easier for you. Doing the job yourself and saving money might sound more appealing, but your inexperience can leave the job unfinished. A dirty house or office space can easily create molds and accumulate dust. This can lead to an unhealthy environment, and long-term exposure can harm your health. Therefore, choosing janitorial services for the task might bring the best results.

However, choosing one such company can be a difficult task. Below are five tips you can follow to find the best cleaning services for your space. 

The Reputation of the Company

The first thing to consider about choosing a janitorial service is the reputation of the company. Many new and up-and-coming companies end up recruiting cheap labor to reduce cost, and their services are not up to the mark. They also provide huge discounts to attract customers and rarely focus on building a long-term relationships with their customers. Rather, they treat it as a one-time service. Such companies have more chances of providing less than satisfactory results, and you must avoid these companies at all costs.


The next thing to consider about the services is how reliable they are. This includes their availability and flexibility. In many instances, these services have a fixed timing, and the service people refuse to work outside those hours. Depending on your availability, an efficient and customer-oriented company would be flexible and accommodate your preferred hours.

Check online for their previous customer reviews. You can get a better idea about their services by looking at them. A strong company should have a better online presence and testimonies to back its claims.

Also make sure that the company has the certification to provide such services. This creates credibility, and you can also claim compensation in case of a mishap. 

Skills and Equipment

A well-structured company will have enough manpower to serve multiple customers at once. Even if they don’t, they will have enough manpower to complete the contracts they take on at a given time. The company does not have to be big to be credible. They need the right people in the right roles for smooth operations.

The company will also have skilled service people who know their job. Certifications can be a good indication that the workers can finish their tasks as required.

Also, check the company for the equipment they use to clean your space. While you might not understand the details of the equipment, checking whether they look new or upgrade can give you an idea. A good company should also use organic cleaning materials that are good for the environment and your health.

Range of Services

List down all the cleaning services you plan on taking from the company, even if it’s something as trivial as cleaning a window. After that, check the company website to see their complete range of services. Many companies only provide a handful of cleaning services and leave out the rest, but they charge close to what their competitors charge. In such cases, you might want to choose the company that provides more benefits.

Some companies also provide daily, weekly, and monthly services. Check with them for flexibility and your availability. Also, check if they come with post-cleaning sanitization and waste removal services. Some companies leave it out. While it might seem harmless, it can add an extra hassle to your to-do list.

Your Budget and Requirements

Having a budget for cleaning services is mandatory. Failing to research and prepare one can burn a hole in your bank account. You can find rates of every service online and you can thus easily prepare an estimated budget for the services you require.

Next, check with the company and get their rates. Measure them against your budget to see if they line up. If there is a chance for negotiation, carry that out. When both parties have agreed to the prices, you can sign the contract.

The most important part of this step is to ensure that the company understands your budget and your requirements. Clear communication is mandatory for both parties. Failing to communicate can leave the job unfinished but you might have to pay the amount you agreed upon. A good company will also point out other services you might require with your package that will benefit your house or office. Talk to them to figure out what works or doesn’t work for your space.


Hiring a janitorial service can be challenging, especially if you’ve never hired them before. But with clear planning, budgeting, and inspection of the companies in the market, you can pick a great company and get the job done successfully.


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