The best place for promoting music is without a doubt – SoundCloud. This is a platform made not only for young and progressive musicians but also for people who like to be involved in the new waves of modern music. Everyone that likes to have touch with it is here on the platform.

Around 75 million people are registered on it and have access to the features it offers. On it, everyone who’s registered can like, follow favorite artists, comment, repost some of their tracks, etc. An outsider can only play the songs and read what’s going on. Read a little more about this program on the link here.

Everyone on the network can gain followers and let them be the first ones to hear what they worked on. The first moment they upload something, these are the people who are going to have a first pick in it. Knowing this, a lot of users follow the artists who are famous, and upload their work on the platform.

The more followers an artist have, the more popular they are. The success of the network is mainly measured with this, among the other things. In this article, we’re talking about how to get more followers and become success on SoundCloud.

1. Get involved in the community

It doesn’t matter what you’re looking for, the best part of the network is getting involved in the happenings on it. The community on SoundCloud consists of people who are interested in music, have a special taste of it and like to communicate with others who share their interests.

Often, you can see debates and sharing opinions on some topic. Even confrontations, but this is all a part of the profile creating and gaining reputation. Getting involved will bring you followers but will also get you some people who are not agreeing with you. Be ready for both.

2. Share on other social networks

If you want to get more followers, you should also share everything you upload on SoundCloud. Think about sharing on Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, etc. Wherever you have a profile, don’t forget to post the link from SoundCloud.

This way, you get more people to visit your profile and potentially become new users. If they came for you, be sure that the first person they start following will be no other but you. The important thing here is that some of the other social networks have a lot more users than this one.

For example, Facebook has over 2.3 billion active users every month. Instagram has over a billion. With numbers like these, it’s clear that you can gain a lot more on SoundCloud too. Attract music lovers to your profile and make your network greater.

3. Repost

Reposting on the platform is one of the sure ways to make friends. Reposting is a clear way to say – I like your work, do more of it. Of course, don’t repost things that you don’t like. You need to make a statement about the style you’re into.

By reposting, you make people appreciate your presence. You gain friends. Friends support each other. When you follow them, they start following you back creating a great circle of friends that love the same type of music and share common interests and ideas.

4. Use websites for getting followers

In the beginning, it’s really hard to gain popularity. If you just come up on the website no one will take you too seriously. Even if you repost and promote yourself, people will always see that you have no one on your profile and will be cautious. 

To avoid this moment, you can always buy followers. For a small amount, many sites are going to provide you a certain number of people who’ll be visible and available. Whenever a visitor comes and sees that you have a lot of them, they’ll know that you’re not a newbie who’s lost on the platform.

5. Do great work

Probably the best way to gain more. Do great work. Marketing is one thing but actual quality always come up on the surface. If you make amazing music, you’ll beg people to stop liking you and reposting you. Your rise will go viral and more and more people will come to your side. See on this link why hard work always pays off:

Still, this is not an everyday scenario. Only a few have managed to make this kind of jump from zero to hero. The path is rarely so easy and you’ll have to work and upload hours of great stuff before people start recognizing you as a valuable member of the community.

Until then, it’s your job to work hard and be involved in the things happening on SoundCloud. Without both, it will be hard to make a successful career and lots of followers.

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