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5 Signs of a Clogged Drain (and How to Fix it!)


In 2021, the drain cleaning service industry is expected to grow $3.6 billion which shows we often struggle with our drains.

A major issue is clogged drains which cause health problems, leaks, and a build-up of bacteria. Perhaps you’ve noticed your drains aren’t working properly and are looking for other signs.

Sound familiar? If so, check out these five signs of a clogged drain in our plumbing 101 guide.

1. Slow Draining Water

If you’re after home plumbing 101, know a sign of clogged drains is if it’s taking ages to drain. The slow-flowing water can happen in your sink or toilet and shows there’s a blockage in the plumbing system.

It’s important to note that you must take immediate action otherwise you may experience flooding or burst pipes. Those after sink drain tips should check out this article for inspiration.

2. Bad Odor

In home plumbing 101, a telltale sign of clogged drains is a bad odor. This is often because something is obstructing the pathway like a food scrap or a clump of hair. You may notice this in your toilet, kitchen sink, or shower drains.

3. Gurgling Sounds

Looking for plumbing tips 101?

Gurgling sounds from your drain means air is trapped in your plumbing system because of an obstruction. It could also be because of a clogged vent stack or an issue with your sewer line.

4. Signs of Dampness

One of the top plumbing tips is to look for signs of dampness as it could mean your drains are clogged. This is because cracked or damaged drains can cause water leaks and build up in the surrounding area. Or it may because the ducts are cracked or have collapsed.

5. Your Toilet Doesn’t Flush

A common warning sign of clogged drains is if your toilet can’t flush. Often this is because of an obstruction in the pipes or in the deeper part of the system. If you notice this, you must thoroughly clean the drains.

How to Fix Clogged Drains

Note that if the clog is minor then flush it out with water. To do this, boil water until it starts to bubble then slowly pour it down the clogged drain. It’ll drain slowly at first but eventually, the blockage will clear and the water will drain normally.

Still not working? Then pour half a cup of baking soda down the drain followed by a cup of vinegar. Immediately plug the drain with a rag so the mixture dissolves the obstruction. After an hour, pour a pot of boiling water down the drain and you’re sorted.

That’s Our Plumbing 101 Guide

Hopefully, you’ve now know the signs of a clogged drain and how to fix it in our plumbing 101 guide.

The signs include dampness, gurgling pipes, and a bad odor. You can fix clogged drains using boiling water but if there’s no improvement then hire a plumber to help you. Good luck!

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