5 Reasons Your Business Needs Local SEO Services


    Search engine optimization (SEO) is vital to every kind of business. Local SEO is even more important to “brick and mortar” companies. People aren’t using the yellow pages to find plumbers, roofers, restaurants or doctors anymore.

    Instead, they run a search on their smartphone and will read reviews if they need to narrow down their search. And this process isn’t just for online stores, because many searches lead people to the offline store of their choice.

    Here are 5 Reasons Your Company Needs Local SEO

    Your Business Will Look More Authentic

    When you rank high, have good customer reviews, and your map and contact information is verified, people will know you don’t run some hole-in-the-wall business. Having a well-optimized website and engaging social media accounts further boost your authenticity.

    But when someone sees you in the Google 3-Pack when they search for your type of services, they’ll trust who Google recommends. Google has a lot to lose, so they can’t give the public bad results. This is also true of other search engines.

    The ROI Is High

    Having a website that ranks high on search engines and review websites will make you more visible to potential customers. Beyond that, it’s up to you to close the deal, but it’s much more efficient and cost effective to have a strong Local SEO strategy than it is to pay for advertising.

    That doesn’t mean you should not run print ads, Facebook Ads, Pay-Per-Click Ads, billboards or even TV ads, but they’re ROI is much lower than SEO and Local SEO services.

    Instead of spending your money on showing up on Facebook, TV or a billboard to people who aren’t looking for you, it’s better to be in front of the people who are. Local SEO sends you people who are ready to spend money right now.

    Boost Your Conversion Rate

    Showing up in the 3-Pack boosts conversion rates because it’s traffic with local intent. When someone in your city searches for a service near them, there’s a high chance of them doing business with one of the top results. This is because Google is showing them that these are the best companies your area has to offer and you should look no further.

    If you were looking for a gift or something which isn’t urgent such as headphones or a phone case, you’ll probably pick a reputable online store. Because you chose a low cost over proximity and time.

    But services that can only be purchased locally will still be searched online first and subsequently paid for right then and there. Local SEO sends you higher converting traffic.

    You Get a Competitive Edge

    Neglecting local SEO is synonymous with leaving money on the table. Some times, even if your competition has a ranking website and other bases covered does not even know the impact of SEO. This is a great opportunity for you to swoop in and take away their customers. Their site might rank for most main keywords of their business, but not the keyword + near me.

    In places with bad SEO or low demand for a certain service, you will see results from other cities or states because they are optimized their website for the word near me much better than local businesses have.

    People Love Helping The Little Guy

    Most people would rather do business with a thriving small business over a global or national chain. Local SEO helps accomplish this by using Google’s trust in your business to give you more exposure. This can help you acquire new customers who didn’t even know you existed until they saw you rank highly when they ran a search.


    As with SEO, local SEO is more than reviews, testimonies and map rankings, you still need content on your website that tells Google what you’re specifically doing and where you are. The best part is that local SEO services usually don’t cost much and depending on how much money you make per lead, it can quickly pay for itself.

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