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5 Reasons You Need a Receptionist for Your Home-Based Business


Running a business from your home is easier today than ever before. With virtual meeting software, collaborative apps, and websites to offer your products, an office is optional. Running your business from home saves you leasing costs, utilities, and property insurance, along with a nice tax break. Where the process can break down is in the professional appearance of your company. Keeping your own hours is a perk of work from home but it can leave your clients in the lurch. Read on to discover five reasons that hiring a virtual receptionist is one of the keys to your business success. 

Customers Don’t Have To Wait

Customers don’t want to have to wait for support. In fact, over half of people think that your business should be ready to answer their questions or take their orders 24/7. For a small business, this can be a herculean task. Look to chatbots for your website and a receptionist like those provided at VoiceNation to make your business available on multiple platforms at all times.

These services allow you to keep your own hours, yet they can contact you at the drop of a hat for a situation that needs immediate resolution. Today’s shoppers have immediate alternative options when they can’t find exactly what they want. Be their first and only choice. Provide the access speed they demand and you’re on your way to creating increased satisfaction and customer loyalty that drives profit.

Provide Bilingual Support

Most sales websites can be navigated no matter your native language and automatic translators make it even easier. When your customers have a problem, though, your website is no longer enough. They want to speak to a real person who can help them out. Having a receptionist who speaks both English and Spanish means you’re providing the best customer service experience to your audience, not just a portion of your clients. 

It’s More Than an Answering Service

A receptionist service is more than an answering service. Unlike traditional “after hours” services that are little more than human answering machines, receptionist services provide a person that acts as a receptionist in an office. They are able to process straightforward orders and triage calls, patching important calls through to you directly. 

You Don’t Have To Handle the HR

Using a receptionist service takes hundreds of hours of headaches off your shoulders. You don’t have to find a bilingual candidate with the right experience. You don’t have to provide onboarding, training, and benefits. Most importantly you don’t have to limit your available hours to the 40 she works. Instead, a service takes care of everything for you and provides a receptionist whenever you need one, no questions asked.

Focus Your Time Where It’s Important

Using a receptionist service doesn’t only save time and costs related to the training and pay of a receptionist, it saves you time and lets you focus on what your business needs. When you are spending half your day answering business calls you’re dealing with constant interruptions. A majority of those calls are spam and cold calls from businesses you don’t want to deal with. So, you’re not only interrupted, you’re interrupted for no good reason.

A receptionist is there to handle the calls, weeding out what’s important and holding messages for you to deal with when the time is appropriate. Your time management can be organized and allows you to drive business through other vectors. Time to focus means time for creative thinking that can mean new products and services or new ways to find your clients.

A receptionist service can take your business to the next level for professionalism, driving sales through customer satisfaction and allowing you to run a lean business model simultaneously. 

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