5 Ideas to Brighten Up Your Custom Packaging

All the hard work you’ve put in – the ads, website, inventory, procurement, and transaction processes have finally paid off and you’ve just got your first order. Now it must be packed and sent to the consumer.

It needs to survive the trip to the customer’s doorstep in one piece. Everything needs to be intact when they open it and it has to look good!

First impressions are irreversible, and you only get one. Your product packaging plays a significant role in retail and e-commerce.

Create an “Unboxing” Experience

People record the unboxing process because it’s so crucial to the customer experience. There’s also a whole social media movement flooded with unboxing videos, and these videos are very popular.

If anyone made such a video of your packages, your contents would be the focus but, the first impression they’d get is the packaging you send it in. Don’t underestimate how effective this is.

Packaging has become a component of the product. It might only capture your customer’s interest for a brief moment, but it will forever shape how they talk about and view your product. Experts at deepkinglabels.com have taken that into account with their packaging designs.

Here are some tips for you to make your brand stand out from the crowd.

  • Personalize Your Packaging

Inserts are a tried-and-true strategy for rising order scale, word-of-mouth, satisfaction, and other metrics. They don’t have to be expensive.

If you choose, you could modify the style of a business card to make it into an insert. Business cards are quite affordable. Print a few hundred of them as a type of template, then handwrite a custom note or personalized message as desired. 

You can also make an impression just by writing the customer’s name inside the box. All that takes is a Sharpie to personalize the item.

Other “inserts” that have taken the market by storm:

  • Candy: Think of it as the supermarket equivalent of a chocolate mint on a hotel pillow.
  • Note with a request to be tagged in an unboxing video
  • Free Product Samples
  • Handwritten Notes

Handwritten notes are also becoming very popular. Many online stores claim to have achieved great results in using this as a marketing strategy.

 Postcards shouldn’t be put on the backend. They can be used to write a note and have more than enough space. It may seem like a lot of work, but the note doesn’t have to be very long. 

  • Use of Stickers

Stickers are an inexpensive way to improve almost any form of packaging. A pretty ordinary cardboard box can instantly be transformed into something hip thanks to a custom-made sticker.

Custom packaging stickers with your logo are the ideal finishing touch for most forms of packaging. Decorate a package with your name or a one-of-a-kind graphic, or use a personalized vinyl sticker to seal an envelope or tissue paper — the packaging options are limitless, and everybody will know where it came from.

While a lot of packaging concepts are appealing, consider their longevity as well as their appearance. It is not appropriate for your deliveries to arrive at your customers’ doors in a state of disarray. 

Before you fall in love with a sticker, put it to the test. Obtain accurate accounts, preferably a photograph of how the shipments appear when they arrive.

  • Printed boxes 

Custom printed boxes can seem like a pricey idea at first, but you can overcome this by printing your own boxes and sealing them with a sticker with your logo. If this isn’t a possibility, try using regular stamps on the delivery boxes. 

  • Ribbon Stamps

You can purchase ribbon stamps that can be customized to make it appear as though your package were covered in ribbons. These can be created for a variety of different packaging ideas. 

If this isn’t a possibility, you could also use a regular stamp on thick ribbon.The only drawback of this method is that it’s time-consuming.  

Final Thoughts

Packaging is much more than a container for delivery. It has become an essential component of the consumer experience. It affects what customers will say about your product, and it improves brand loyalty. 

It can also become a part of your marketing strategy. If you’ve been delivering for a while, keep a close eye on the performances and make sure that your packaging works for your business and brand.

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