5 Digital Marketing Hacks for 2021


    The 2020 COVID-19 pandemic has brought about lots of unprecedented challenges for businesses around the world. Almost overnight, companies had to roll up their sleeves and become more tech-savvy than ever if they wanted to stay afloat.

    Within this transformed scenario, new digital marketing trends emerged — and are here to stay. If you’re serious about maintaining your hard-won competitive edge in 2021 and beyond, then you’ve come to the right place.

    In this article, we are going to show you the five best and most successful digital marketing hacks that you must know to stay ahead of your rivals in a fierce marketplace.

    1. Tap Into the Power of Video Marketing

    The beauty of digital marketing is that it empowers you to truly deliver immersive, interactive messages. And what better way to achieve this than by using great videos?

    You don’t need to be the next Steven Spielberg: there are lots of amazing, easy-to-use tools that you can download or purchase and use to put together eye-catching, memorable video campaigns.

    2. Take Your Content Marketing up a Notch

    Content marketing is, arguably, the star of the show when it comes to digital marketing. Partly, this is because of the wide meaning associated with the idea of “content.” Catchy, compelling, and creative content marketing is not just about great writing, but it also includes elements such as images, infographics, 3D animation, and other types of visuals.

    So, if you want to go the extra mile, start adding these features to your content marketing strategy. And if you really want to get smashing results, then pop it over on social media for maximum visibility and reach.

    3. Be More Savvy About Email Marketing Campaigns

    Who said that email marketing is dead? It’s not: it’s alive and kicking! However, to succeed in email marketing, you must put something important in place: email validation.

    This means ensuring that the email addresses on your list are all real, verified, and connected to a legit domain. The great news? You can run email validation checks automatically by using one of the many software tools available online. This will enable you to complete the task very quickly and with maximum accuracy.

    4. Explore the Potential of Influencers

    When you hear the word “influencer,” do you immediately think about Instagram and YouTube? Well, you might want to think again.

    While these two platforms are, of course, still very popular and successful, the new kid on the block that you should check out is TikTok. This is where the most awesome influencers currently operate, so if you think that your brand could do with this type of visibility, then go take a look at it.

    5. Become Smarter With Analytics and Business Intelligence

    If you think that data analytics and business intelligence are stuff reserved for companies with big bucks, then you’re wrong. Any business can run their own BI processes, either by using self-service tools or by outsourcing them to IT experts.

    Remember: knowledge is power. And with all the knowledge that you can uncover from data on customers, products, competitors, and more, you can truly aspire to become a leader in your sector.

    Ready to Smash Digital Marketing in the New Year (and Beyond)?

    If you want to remain competitive in a more challenging market than ever, then you must refine your digital watch market online strategies.

    Follow our five tips to supercharge your marketing efforts, and you’ll be able to thrive in 2021 and beyond.

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