5 Common Recruiting Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

The US unemployment rate is hovering around 6%. That has led to an influx of job applicants flooding towards open positions. As a recruiter, you may find that being bombarded with potential hires gets to be overwhelming. Those issues do not end in the US, hiring globally requires strategic recruiters like recruitment agency China for global expansion.


During tough economic times, our message to recruiters is always to be conscious in your trying to avoid common recruiting mistakes that tend to become more prevalent in stressed labor markets.

If you’re not sure which recruiting mistakes to watch out for, keep reading. In this post, we share five that many fall victim to.

1. Being Lazy About Your Job Description

Your job description is the window that potential applicants have into what exactly they’ll be doing if they get hired for your position. Descriptions also make clear what you expect out of candidates that apply.

By writing a detailed description, you immediately weed out people that are not interested in the work you’re offering and/or are not qualified for it.

That means less noise to sift through when going through applications.

2. Not Considering Internal Mobility

Some of the best candidates you might have for an open position are people that are already working at your company. Consider giving those people a chance to apply for the position you’re offering alongside external candidates.

Not only does allowing for internal applicants give you more options when finding the perfect person for a new role, but it also makes your current team appreciate that your company offers motility, which can keep them happier in your workplace’s culture.

3. Judging People Based Solely on Their Interviews

We all know that a great interview raises a person’s chances of being considered for a position. We also know that if someone has a bad interview, the chances of getting into further rounds of your hiring process are slim.

Take caution as you develop your strategy for recruiting that you don’t put too much weight on interviews. A lot of people either shine or have a bad moment during their first in-person meeting. Making determinations solely based on that could land you a candidate that got lucky, not one that’s the best fit for your team.

4. Quick to Hire, Fast to Fire

Take your time when interviewing potential employees and assessing who you’re going to hire. If you rush the process, you may end up having to quickly let go of somebody that you spend a lot of time and money vetting.

Leveraging an applicant tracking system so you can organize, slowly assess, and take notes on everyone that comes through your doors can help you take a paced and thorough approach to filling your vacant roles.

5. Skipping References

While you don’t have to get in touch with every reference your applicant lists, reaching out to one or two is worth your time. After all, you never know when an applicant has inflated their experience.

Applicants that don’t list references on their resume should be looked at with scrutiny. It’s an obvious recruiting mistakes flag if the person you’re considering doesn’t know anybody willing to vouch for their character and expertise.

Avoiding Recruiting Mistakes Saves You Money

The hiring process is a costly one. By avoiding recruiting mistakes, you raise your odds of getting the right person into the right position and reduce your odds of unforeseen turnover.

Those are benefits worth pursuing, so take the time to perfect your recruiting strategy today and check out more content on our blog if you’re craving additional guidance!

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