4 Ways to Improve Safety in a Recycling Facility

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Waste segregation is a way of separating wet and dry waste. Doing this can significantly enhance the efficiency of waste collection. The collected waste will then be transported to a recycling facility for further processing and transformation into a new usable product for sale. The entire procedure may seem easy, but the risk in handling old, broken, scrap, and unknown materials exposes workers to significant harm. That is why implementing a strict safety rule is necessary to protect the welfare of the workers.

Use protective gear

Accidents in any industry usually happen because of a deficiency or failure to recognise the importance of personal protective equipment (PPE). Working gloves, eye protection, and heavy-duty shoes are some of the significant PPE that is supposed to be an essential requirement before starting the job. It is to ensure the quality of work and be confident at the end of the day that health is not compromised. This protective equipment is a shield against hazardous chemicals or items that the work environment may present.

Make use of the machinery

Having all the equipment in your business is not enough. All the users must be competent in each operation, including safety measures and the proper equipment matched for the job. Try replacing your cable hoist with a better system for waste hauling purposes. There are companies that provide hookloader hire services that you can check out to increase productivity, which can load and unload faster. With this machinery, the driver can operate and manoeuvre everything from the comfort of the seat; it’s speedy, streamlined, with no delays, which means more profit for the entire business.

Ensure complete training and development

Employees might miss some time at work when they attend a practice session or seminar. However, training is an excellent opportunity that you can provide to employees for expanding their knowledge and understanding about their roles. It is an investment with a lifelong positive return. Having enough proficiency means they can improve the quality and consistency of their performance. It is also a perfect way to intensify the overall morale of employees and appreciation of the company standards.

Display satisfactory signage

Having safety signs in proper areas is crucial in achieving safety and preventing injuries in the workplace, especially at recycling facilities. Signage serves as an early warning for possible dangers ahead within the environment. It is also a reminder of what to do and prohibiting some activities in a specific area. Even a ‘slippery floor’ sign when something has been spilt on the floor can give a warning to prevent injuries. Do not underestimate the purpose of these signs, because they can save lives.

Holistic safety should be the paramount target in all businesses before starting any form of operation. Recycling facilities are highly prone to different types of hazards that can endanger health anytime. It is everybody’s responsibility to observe and practice proper safety protocols. Neglecting any form of risk can end up in sickness, property damage, injury, or worse – death, which is a severe loss for the business.

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