Whether you’re looking to upgrade your home office or an office that you share with others, there are a few office tech essentials that you need.

You never know what you need in your office until you start working, which is why an upgrade is necessary every once in a while. Luckily for you, we’ve put together the ultimate list of everything you need in your office.

Be sure to keep reading for the four pieces of office tech that you absolutely need in your office.

1. Amazon Alexa

A fun office gadget that you might not know you need is an Amazon Alexa. Having an office buddy is always fun, and Alexa can even be your personal assistant.

You can ask Alexa questions, get her to help check your emails, check your calendar, and even play your favorite songs. Whether you want to listen to motivating music or music that gets you pumped up, she has you covered. You’ll find that having an Amazon Alexa in your office is convenient.

Alexa can even help you order office supplies by using your voice! She will be the best personal assistant that you’ve ever had.

2. Electronic Fax Machine

Fax machines are a thing of the past for many offices. Yet, sometimes it is an office gadget that we need to have to communicate with other businesses.

That’s where electronic fax can come in handy. You’ll get your own fax number so you can send and receive faxes from other places.

You won’t need to install any dedicated servers or have any bulky machines in your office.

3. External Hard Drive

Another must-have office tech item that you need is an external hard drive. Having a secure place to store your documents and backups is vital for any office situation, which is why hard drives can help.

Look for one that is above 2TBs so you can ensure you have enough room for all your important files. The best part about an external hard drive is that you’ll be able to use different computers whenever you need it.

4. Desk Vacuum

Another piece of office tech to buy is a desk vacuum, especially if you’re the person who gets crumbs everywhere. You can easily vacuum up your desk with a portable desk vacuum.

You’ll find that your desk stays much neater and is spotless when investing in a desk vacuum.

The best part is that desk vacuums are fun to use, which is why your desk will be clean. You will find yourself using the desk vacuum more often to clean the desk off and make sure that everything is spotless.

Get the Office Tech and Gadgets That You Need

As you can see, there are plenty of unique office tech gadgets that you can use to fill your office. You’ll find that these are essentials

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