4 Major Benefits of Availing Private Cab Service during Your Solapur Trip


    Solapur has emerged as one of India’s popular tourist destination in recent years. The central and state government’s efforts to promote tourism is paying off its dividends. Solapur has been known for its handloom and cotton industry, and several factories are scattered around the city.

    This city is located 450km away from the state capital of Maharashtra, i.e. Mumbai in the south-eastern part of the state. Solapur is also close to the state of Karnataka. This favourable geographical location makes this city a perfect place to spend a weekend or a short trip.

    Therefore, if you are planning a trip to Solapur, then you should consider private cab services in Solapur rather than public transport.

    Benefits of availing a cab service

    • Convenience

    Cab services are very convenient in terms of their services. They will pick you up from your place and drop you off at your location as per your convenience. Moreover, you don’t have to worry about missing a bus or paying waiting charges for a cab while visiting a place. You can take as much time as you want, and the driver will not ask you to hurry.

    • Comfort

    Vacation demands comfort, and public transport cannot offer that. On the other hand, such cab services provide the utmost comfort to their customers. The cars are clean, and drivers are well behaved, offering you a pleasant experience.

    • Safe and reliable

    The drivers of this cab services are well trained and reliable. They will guide you through the city and other tourist places. Moreover, they will inform you about the places you should avoid and where you can find the best products.

    • Saves your time

    Public transport operates at their schedule, and you have it follow it too. Thus, if they make stops and do not wait for you, then there is nothing you can do. Availing a cab service can eliminate these possibilities. It will not only save you the time but also operate according to your requirement.

    Places to visit

    Here is a list of sites that you must visit during your Solapur trip –

    • Akkalkot Swami Maharaj Temple

    This temple is a significant tourist attraction of Solapur. An amalgamation of five temples situated near each other it has a famous banyan tree inside the complex. This temple was built in the memory of Shri Samarth Maharaj. It is just a 1 hr drive from the city.

    • Pandharpur Temple

    This temple was built in 1196, and it displays the magnificence of ancient Indian architecture. This temple is the house of two Hindu deities Rukmini and Vithal. It is regarded as one of the important Vaishnava shrines of India.

    • Shri Siddheswar Temple

    Situated on the banks of the Siddheswar Lake this temple is devoted to Lord Shiva. This temple is built with beautiful marble. Every year in January a huge fair is organised here which attracts tourists from all over Maharashtra and surrounding states.

    • Great Indian Bird Sanctuary

    Spread over 8100 sq. Km, this bird sanctuary is famous for Great Indian Bustard. This is a must be for bird lovers.

    • Solapur fort

    This fort was built in the 14th century during the reign of Adilshah. It has a Shiva temple in it, and two beautiful gardens are surrounding its two main entrances. This fort is also known as Bhuikot fort.

    Thus, if you are planning a trip to Solapur, then consider hiring cab services in Solapur for a memorable and comfortable vacation.

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